Bose® RoomMatch™ Loudspeakers

RoomMatch array module loudspeakers deliver concert-quality sound for fixed installations in rooms of most sizes, shapes and acoustic requirements, regardless of the budget. Through Bose® proprietary technologies, RoomMatch modules offer unprecedented scalability that allows them to be used singularly in applications with modest SPL and coverage-control requirements, or to form Progressive Directivity Arrays for the highest SPL and coverage-control requirements. Overcoming the acoustic limitations of both line array and point-source conventional designs, RoomMatch modules form a new class of curvilinear arrays that allow seamless audio quality, with consistent front-to-back and side-to-side tonal balance.

Also new is the RoomMatch subwoofer module, designed primarily to extend the low-frequency response of Bose RoomMatch array modules to 40 Hz. The RoomMatch subwoofer module features dual Bose 15-inch high-excursion woofers, with a proprietary port design that minimizes distortion and improves perceived transient impact. The durable Baltic birch enclosure with two-part polyurethane coating allows reliable ground-stack applications.

New features for Modeler 6.7 software: A new set of array design tools is included in the release of Modeler 6.7 software to assist with the design of Progressive Directivity Arrays.

Available September 2011.

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