New Yamaha QL1 and QL5 Digital Mixing Consoles with built-in Dugan Automixing and Port to Port routing

Yamaha QL1 Digital Mixing Console

The Yamaha QL1 is a compact console with large-scale capabilities. 16 + 2 fader configuration in a compact, rack mountable unit.

Yamaha QL1 Digital Mixing ConsoleYamaha QL1 Digital Mixing ConsoleYamaha QL1 Digital Mixing ConsoleYamaha QL1 Digital Mixing Console






Yamaha QL5 Digital Mixing Console

32 + 2 fader configuration adapts to a wide range of channel layouts. The QL5 is a compact console with large-scale capabilities.

Yamaha QL5 Digital Mixing ConsoleYamaha QL5 Digital Mixing ConsoleYamaha QL5 Digital Mixing ConsoleYamaha QL5 Digital Mixing Console




It All Begins with Natural Sound

In order to take maximum advantage of evolved processing potential to sculpt creative new soundscapes, the engineer must have uncolored, natural sound as a starting point. Yamaha’s unwavering natural sound philosophy is fully implemented in the QL series, resulting in accurate reproduction that is faithful to the source.


Every Component Contributes to Superior Sonic Precision

Full creative freedom can only be achieved when the sonic foundation is accurate, uncolored, and faithful to the source. The same pure, natural sound that is a highly regarded feature of the CL series is achieved in the compact QL series consoles as well. Every detail, from mechanical construction through port location, power supply, grounding, and individual components has been painstakingly analyzed and brought together in a system that affords extraordinary audio quality. Noise that can affect digital mixer performance in a number of ways has also been thoroughly scrutinized and effectively eliminated. Because it can affect AD/DA converter performance, system clock jitter has been subject to detailed analysis and optimized by revising the internal FPGA layout and rerouting the clock signal. All of these details combine to realize performance that not only passes the strictest scientific tests, but also satisfies the critical ears of some of the most demanding sound engineers in the business.


Refined Interface for Intuitive Control

Operators coming from analog or digital consoles will quickly become comfortable with the QL consoles. Years of accumulated know how and feedback from users worldwide have been applied in creating an interface that is simple while providing refined operation that responds fully to the demands of a broad spectrum of real-world applications.


Straightforward “Touch and Turn” Operation The Yamaha Selected Channel System

Touch and Turn operation, introduced in the CL series, has been enthusiastically adopted by sound engineers everywhere. The QL series offers the same operational advantage: touch the parameter you want to control on the screen, then rotate the Touch and Turn knob that is below and to the right of the screen to adjust as required. The color displayed below the knob changes to match that of the selected parameter, for quick confirmation and error-free control. It’s simple, responsive, and very intuitive.


The Yamaha Selected Channel System

The Yamaha Selected Channel interface provides a comprehensive overview of available channel parameters with direct selection capability via its large touch-panel display. The display is the same type that was provided on the CL series consoles, offering high visibility and smooth response for stress free operation. Hands-on control via dedicated physical controllers as well as an innovative Touch and Turn knob provides speedy access to essential QL console parameters for a fast, efficient workflow.


Advanced Features Backed by Efficient Design

You can have features galore, but if they’re not well integrated into a smoothly operating system that provides easy access, their value will be greatly reduced. Design of the QL series faders and knobs extends to the finest details of form and materials. High visibility channel name displays and colors add to overall operation ease and efficiency as well. The interface is the vital connection between console and engineer, and we have treated it with appropriate care and respect.


Everything You Need for Creative Engineering

QL series console include a virtual processing rack that lets the operator approach selecting and patching internal processors in a way that’s similar to working with external rack-mounted devices. All of the high-quality processors that received rave reviews in the CL series are provided in the QL series consoles as well. Top-quality sound-shaping tools for creative engineering are ready and accessible whenever they’re needed.