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3-8 Backcan 8 Ohm
4" Backcan 70 Volt/8 Ohm
4 No Backcan 70V/8 Ohm
6.5" Backcan 70 Volt/8 Ohm
6.5" No Backcan 70V/8 Ohm
8" No Backcan 70V/8 Ohm
All-Weather Loudspeakers
JBL Professional
Commercial Audio
Home Audio
Home Recording
Pro Audio
Pro Recording
Public Address
$0 - $100
$101 - $300
$301 - $600
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JBL Mixers
JBL Mixer Amplifiers
JBL Power Amplifiers
JBL Paging Microphones
JBL Commercial Sound Systems
Public Address Sound Systems
JBL Live PA Sound Systems
JBL Gymnasium Sound Systems
JBL Classroom Sound Systems
JBL Retail Store Sound
JBL Restaurant Sound Systems
JBL Studio Monitor Systems
JBL Studio Monitors
Studio Subwoofers
4 No Backcan 70V/8 Ohm
3-8 Backcan 8 Ohm
Shallow Backcan 70V/8 ohm
In Ceiling Subwoofers
In Wall - 70 Volt - 8 Ohm
Hanging and Pendant Speakers
All-Weather Loudspeakers
JBL Paging Horns
Commercial Subwoofers
Weatherized Subwoofers
Compact Cinema Speakers
JBL Column Speaker Arrays
Control Speakers Under 4
Control Speakers 5.25
Speaker Cabinets 3
Speaker Cabinets 8
Speaker Cabinets 10
Speakers 12
Speakers 15
Powered Loudspeakers 10
Powered Loudspeakers 12
Powered Loudspeakers 15
Speaker Cabinets 12
Speaker Cabinets 15
Floor Monitors
Subwoofers Passive
Subwoofers Active Powered
JBL Line Array Loudspeakers
Line Array Subwoofers
Speaker Driver Assemblies
Speaker Grills
CS Series Remote Controls
Tile Bridges
Speaker Mounting Brackets
Bags, Covers & Cases
Speaker Stands & Accessories
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