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Classroom Sound System with Vector Ceiling Speaker and Atlas Sound AA35 Mixer Amplifier

This Classroom Sound System features an omni directional drop ceiling tile speaker that cost-effectively solves the demand for high technology classroom sound systems with quick and easy installation.

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The Vector 2 x 2 Lay-In Ceiling Speaker employs (3 smaller 6.5”) very fast transient response aluminum-woofer drivers that are very powerful and stable. Working in unison, these drivers produce clean, powerful, dynamic sound. When designing the Vector the goal was to have the single most important feature at the forefront -- good transient response ("dynamic contrast"). A transient is a sound of short duration. Good transient response can only be achieved if the speaker can deliver its output quickly and cleanly without smearing the original sound, and be completely soundless immediately after. Transients contain the essentials of sound reproduction. They provide the sharp pop from a snare drum, the cutting edge of digital sound, the dynamics of the human voice. Larger 2-way cabinet loudspeaker systems offer relatively slow transient response, and the small high-frequency horn tends to beam a narrow, blaring sound at the listener—end result, muddy sound. By replacing larger speakers with four 6 or 8" drivers increases the driver surface area, while creating more punch and a tight, more focused low-end.

The AA35 is a three input channel mixer amplifier designed for distributed business paging and background music (BGM) systems, small to medium speech privacy systems, and in applications where music on hold (MOH) plus paging is required. With one microphone input and two stereo line inputs, the AA35 will accommodate a variety of input sources including paging microphones, CD players, and digital music receivers. A dip switch selectable matrix allows the creation of a Zone 2 mix from any or all of the input sources for music or messaging on hold applications. 25V, 70.7V, and 8Ω outputs are provided.



Pure Resonance Audio VCA8 Vector Ceiling Speaker Array:

  • Omni Directional Speaker Coverage 360 x 180 (hemispherical)
  • Infinite-baffle in-ceiling speaker’s drops into standard ceiling tile openings
  • Powerful – 120 Watts at 8 Ohms
  • 3 - 6.5” Full Range Drivers
  • Uniquely designed fire retardant ABS housing may be painted to match any décor
  • Impedance: 8 ohms

Atlas Sound AA35 Mixer Amplifier:

  • 1 Mic in w/phantom power
  • 2 Stereo line inputs
  • 35 Watts of true output power
  • Dual line outputs
  • Pre Out/ Power in patch
  • Remote and VOX activated Mute
  • Route any source combination or entire mix bus to Zone 2 (MOH Out)
  • Special Low Cut filter is 6dBu / octave at 400Hz and also bypasses front panel bass control to allow use with paging horns like APX40TN and AP-15T
System Includes

System Includes

  • (1) Pure Resonance Audio VCA8 Vector Ceiling Speaker Array
  • (1) Atlas Sound AA35 Mixer Amplifier
  • (50') West Penn Wire 224 18 Ga Speaker Wire

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