Audio Video Flex Presentation Sound System with 4 Bose EdgeMax EM90 Premium In-Ceiling Loudspeakers and Shure Combo Wireless Microphone System
Part # VPSS-4EM90PS602QLXD12485
Model # VPSS-4EM90PS602QLXD12485

This Bose EdgeMax™ AV flex room sound system features 4 Bose Professional EdgeMax™ EM90 in-ceiling premium loudspeakers with proprietary Bose PhaseGuide® technology to create room-filling coverage patterns that optimize your multimedia productions in large video presentation rooms, hospitality banquet facilities, university lecture halls, executive boardrooms and more.

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Bose EdgeMax™ Multi-Media Presentation Room Sound System

Audio Visual installations are one of the most successful ways to dramatically enhance your overall presentations and capture the attention and imagination of your audience. Utilize this system in large video presentation rooms such as larger conference halls, hospitality banquet facilities, university lecture halls, executive boardrooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms, training rooms or anywhere multi-media presentation events are held.

This AV flex room sound system includes four Bose EdgeMax™ EM90 in-ceiling premium loudspeakers with proprietary PhaseGuide® technology to create clear room-filling audio coverage, perfect for applications where mounting ceiling speakers in the middle of the room are not an option. This media presentation audio system also includes a Bose PowerShare PS602 power amplifier, Shure SCM820 8-channel digital intellimix automatic mixer,  Shure QLXD124/85 handheld and lavalier combo wireless microphone system,  Tascam BD-01U Blu-Ray player, Atlas Sound AP-S15LA 15LA power conditioner and distribution unit, Gator GRW2009508 9U wall rack, Gator GRW-DRW3 rack drawer and all the cables you need. This system will ensure that your multimedia presentations are delivered with optimal impact.

For maximum coverage, the unique Bose EdgeMax™ speakers should be spaced approximately 30 feet apart and are ideal for ceilings up to 14 feet.

Bose EdgeMax™ EM90 Premium In-Ceiling Loudspeakers

The Bose EdgeMax™ EM90 in-ceiling premium loudspeakers feature proprietary Bose PhaseGuide® technology to create a category that combines the room-filling coverage patterns typical of larger surface-mount speakers with the architect-preferred aesthetics of in-ceiling models. Designed to mount near wall-ceiling boundaries, EdgeMax™ loudspeakers provide improved audio quality and coverage, while reducing the number of required units. Bose Professional EdgeMax™ Premium In-Ceiling Speakers are ideal for applications such as retail stores, restaurants, hospitality venues, hotels, offices, meeting rooms and architectural custom sound design applications. They feature magnetically attached white grilles for quick access to wiring, and 8Ω or 70/100V transformer tap settings, as well as auto-hold, spring-loaded mounting arms for fast and easy installations, and they ship with an accompanying tile bridge. They are UL1480 listed for air-handling plenum space code requirements.

Bose PowerShare PS602 Adaptable Power Amplifier

The Bose® PS602 is a 2-channel installed amplifier that allows its total 600 watts to be shared across both outputs. Independently control the output level, EQ, and low-impedance/high-impedance (Low-Z/Hi-Z) settings for each output. Onboard configurable loudspeaker processing and direct access to zone controllers eliminate the need for an additional signal processor in many installations, while outstanding audio performance and reliability are assured with patented technologies inherited from the field-proven PowerMatch® line. This unique set of features and technologies makes PowerShare one of the most versatile high-performance amplifiers available.

Shure SCM820 8-Channel Digital IntelliMix Automatic Mixer

The Shure SCM820 is an 8-channel digital automatic mixer designed for use in speech applications, including sound reinforcement, broadcasting, and audio recording. It uses IntelliMix® technology to dramatically improve audio quality when many channels of microphones need to operate simultaneously. Multiple I/O configurations and networking options ensure analog and digital connectivity between devices.

Shure QLXD124/85 Handheld and Lavalier Combo Wireless Microphone System

Featuring an SM58 handheld wireless microphone transmitter and WL185 lavalier microphone, QLXD124/85 combines professional features with simplified setup and operation. The QLXD124/85 Handheld and Lavalier Combo Wireless Microphone System is part of the QLX-D wireless systems family. QLX-D delivers outstanding wireless functionality ideal for mid-size events and installations in businesses, hotels, and government offices with conferencing spaces; schools, houses of worship, and live performance spaces.

Note: Bodypack and handheld transmitters cannot be used simultaneously.

Tascam BD-01U Rackmount Blu-Ray Player

TASCAM's BD-01U is a rugged, professional, single-rackspace Blu-Ray player for installation and studio use. Building on the success of the install-standard DV-D01U, the Hi-Definition player includes control via LAN, RS-232C, and an included wireless remote. DVD, WAV, MP3, DTS, and Dolby playback are also supported from optical and USB flash drives. Media can be played back at up to 130% speed. A pair of balanced XLR and RCA unbalanced outputs is provided on the rear panel, in addition to the HDMI audio/video output. The analog outputs can be attenuated up to -12dB. Both optical and coaxial digital audio outs are also provided. Other professional features include a defeatable on-screen display, chapter repeat function, and JPEG slideshow. TASCAM channels the years of experience gained with the DV-D01U to create the ultimate source playback for education, houses of worship, boardroom, and other high-stress installs.

Atlas Sound AP-S15LA 15LA Power Conditioner and Distribution Unit

The AP-S15LA features noise filtering for unwanted Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) that is commonly introduced into AC lines by nearby radio transmitters or wireless products. EMI filters are also incorporated to reduce noise from Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) generated by items such as electric motors and switching power supplies. Unstable AC Mains voltage is one of the main reasons for equipment failure. The amount of energy that can be injected into the power system can be immense with voltages reaching 6kV or amperage peaks of 3000A. These spikes are very fast and usually only last for a very short period of time. The AP-S15LA's circuitry is very fast and can suppress unwanted energy within a nanosecond response and sustain the suppression up to 2 milliseconds. The AP-S15LA includes a pull out from lamp, 12 foot removable IEC cord with retainer.


Audio-Technica U859QL 18.9" Gooseneck Microphone with AT8647QM/S Shock Mount Plate

Designed to plug directly into a panel- or desk-mounted XLRF-type connector, the U859QL features an ultra-flexible small-diameter gooseneck and accepts interchangeable elements, available in cardioid, hypercardioid, omnidirectional and UniLine line cardioid polar patterns. Equipped with self-contained electronics, the phantom-powered microphone also offers an 80 Hz low-cut UniSteep filter that reduces pickup of low-frequency ambient noise. The microphone is 18.9" long.

This Audio-Technica shock-mount plate effectively isolates mounted microphones from impact vibration and mechanical noise normally transmitted from the surface. It is intended for use with microphones mounted on lecterns, pulpits, conference tables and similar surfaces. Designed especially for UniPoint gooseneck microphones, it may be used with other lightweight microphones as well. This mount incorporates a sturdy yet flexible suspension panel which provides the mechanical isolation. The AT8647QM/S accepts plug-in mics and features a phantom-powered mute switch with a lighted "on" indicator.



Bose EdgeMax EM90 In-Ceiling Loudspeakers:

  • PhaseGuide technology produces unique asymmetrical vertical pattern for room-filling sound
  • EdgeMax EM90 provides nominal 90° horizontal coverage from room corners
  • Full-frequency range 60 – 18,000 Hz (-10 dB)
  • Maximum SPL up to 119 dB continuous and 125 dB peak
  • 2-way system combines Bose 1.3"-diaphragm compression driver and 8" woofer
  • Passive crossover with 8 Ω or 70/100V transformer taps
  • New auto-hold, spring-loaded mounting arms for fast, easy installs; ships with tile bridge
  • UL1480 listing for air-handling (plenum) space installation
  • Magnetically attached white grille for quick access to wiring and tap settings
  • Black grilles and rough-in pan accessories available

Bose PowerShare PS602 Adaptable Power Amplifier:

  • PowerShare Technology
  • Load-Independent Outputs 
  • DFL™ System 
  • Integrated Loudspeaker Processing with Optional PowerShare Editor Configuration 
  • ControlCenter Zone Controller Accessories
  • Auto-Standby

Shure SCM820 8-Channel Digital IntelliMix Automatic Mixer:

  • Seamless automatic mixing and reduced background noise through dynamic channel gating and attenuation
  • IntelliMix modes offer five different mixer mode presets of reliable automixing styles (Classic, Smooth, Extreme, Custom or Manual) to quickly tailor the mix for a particular application
  • DB25 or logic-enabled block connector models available, each with 8 inputs
  • Per channel direct outputs for use as an insert to a mixing console or recording
  • Mix A and B outputs with selectable mic or line level connect to a sound reinforcement system, mixing console, or recording device
  • Individual channel control for quick adjustment of gain, limiter, EQ, and solo/mute
  • LED meter rings vibrantly display real-time settings and output levels
  • Browser-based control software delivers comprehensive software control, monitoring, routing and configuration
  • 3rd party control system (AMX, Crestron) compatible
  • Models available with Dante digital networked audio for multi-channel audio networking over Ethernet
  • Dante upgrade card available for standard Ethernet models
  • Dante Virtual Soundcard license included with Dante-equipped models to enable recording and playback capabilities between a computer and Danteequipped devices

Shure QLXD124/85 Handheld and Lavalier Combo Wireless Microphone System:

  • 24-Bit Digital Audio
  • Network Control
  • AES-256-Bit Encryption
  • Built-In Switching Diversity
  • Automatic Channel Scan
  • 20 Hz to 20 kHz Frequency Range
  • More Than 60 Channels per Frequency Band
  • Includes Bodypack and WL185 Microphone, SM58 Handheld Microphone and Power Supply

Tascam BD-01U Rackmount Blu-Ray Player:

  • Play Blu-ray, DVD, and CD media
  • Play back WAV, MP3, WMA and other audio formats
  • RS-232C serial control connector
  • Ethernet / LAN for remote control via a Network
  • HDMI high-definition audio/video output
  • XLR balanced audio outputs
  • RCA unbalanced audio outputs
  • Coaxial/optical digital outputs (Compatible with SPDIF/Dolby/DTS digital audio)
  • Power ON Play function that automatically starts playback when the power is turned ON
  • Panel lock function for preventing accidental operation
  • Capable of playing JPEG slideshows and AVCHD via DVD or the USB terminal
  • Various repeat functions including Chapter/Title and A-B Repeat
  • Outputs to HDCP incompatible devices
  • This unit can output non-copyrighted videos by setting "HDCP Auto" in "Settings" to "On"
  • On Screen Display On/Off function
  • Up to -12 dB attenuation for analog output
  • Two-level dimmable front-panel display
  • Infrared remote control
  • Mounts in a single rackspace

Atlas Sound AP-S15LA 15LA Power Conditioner and Distribution Unit:

  • Front Panel Dimmable Pul Out Lamp
  • Circuit Breaker Protection @ 15A
  • 9 Total Outlets
  • 7 Rear Panel Switched Outlets
  • 1 Rear Panel Unswitched Outlet
  • 1 Front Panel Unswitched Convenience Outlet
  • Removable IEC Power Cord with a Retainer Bracket
  • RFI Noise Filtering to Reduce Radio Frequency Interference
  • EMI Filtering to Reduce Electromagnetic Interference
  • Spike Suppression Up To 6000V
  • Power LED Indicator
  • Surge Protect LED Indicator
  • AC Ground LED Indicator
  • Power Switch Cover

Gator GRW2009508 9U Deep Sectional Wall Rack:

  • Hinged Back Double Section Welded Frame Construction
  • 18 Gauge Removable Side Panels with Spring Latch
  • 18 Gauge SPCC Cold Rolled Steel Top and Bottom
  • Fan ready perforated top
  • 11 gauge drilled and tapped front and rear rack rails
  • Rack U number printed on the rack rails
  • 10/32 rack screws
  • 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1"1 and 1 1/2" cable entry knockouts on top and bottom
  • 5/8" knockout design to be used for VHF/UHF antenna
  • 10" x 10" rear access knockout for cable entry
  • Front door features 18 gauge solid steel


Audio-Technica U859QL Cardioid Condenser Quick-Mount Gooseneck Microphone:

  • Designed for high-quality sound reinforcement, professional recording and broadcasting
  • Superior off-axis rejection for maximum gain before feedback
  • Easy-to-adjust, rugged, small-diameter, alternating gooseneck with virtually no “memory” permits quick positioning into desired shape
  • UniSteep® filter provides a steep low-frequency attenuation to improve sound pickup without affecting voice quality
  • Self-contained electronics eliminate need for external power module
  • Quick-mount design with 3-pin XLRM-type connector insert at base plugs into any standard XLRF-type surface or cable connector

Audio-Technica AT8647QM/S Shock-Mount Plate:

  • Intended for use with microphones mounted on lecterns, pulpits, conference tables and other surfaces
  • XLRF-type connector works with plug-in gooseneck microphones with XLRM-type outputs
  • Suspended panel isolates microphone from the mounting surface
  • Built-in electronic mute circuit for phantom powered microphones
  • Rugged mechanical switch provides push-on/push-off operation
  • LED indicates microphone is on
  • Operates on 24V to 48V DC phantom power
  • Terminal screw output connections
  • Low-profile design with low-reflectance black finish for minimum visibility
System Includes

System Includes

  • (4) Bose EdgeMax EM90 In-Ceiling Loudspeakers with 90 Degree Coverage
  • (1) Bose PowerShare PS602 Adaptable Power Amplifier
  • (1) Shure SCM820 8-Channel Digital IntelliMix Automatic Mixer
  • (1) Shure QLXD124/85 Handheld and Lavalier Combo Wireless Microphone System
  • (1) Tascam BD-01U Rackmount Blu-Ray Player
  • (1) Atlas Sound AP-S15LA 15LA Power Conditioner and Distribution Unit
  • (1) Gator GRW2009508 9U Deep Sectional Wall Rack
  • (1) Gator GRW-DRW3 Rackworks Rack Drawer
  • (1) Gator GRW-PNLSTFT1 1U Steel Flat Panel
  • (2) CBI MLN-3-PREP-F Patch Cable - 3ft
  • (1) CBI MLN-3-PREP-M Patch Cable - 3ft
  • (1) CBI MLN-50-PREP-M Patch Cable - 50ft
  • (500') West Penn 226 Audio Speaker Cable


  • (1) Audio-Technica U859QL 18.9" Gooseneck Microphone with AT8647QM/S Shock Mount Plate and Cable

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