Collaboration System with AMX ACV-5100 Video Sound Bar ACR-5100 System Sony 65" BRAVIA Display and Middle Atlantic HUB Meeting Table

This networked huddle room collaboration system with an AMX sound bar and camera, ACR-5100 system, a SONY 65" display and a Middle Atlantic table, features one-click skype integration, perfect for business or meeting spaces.

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AMX Bussiness or Educational Collaboration System

This networked huddle room collaboration system with an AMX ACV-5100 Acendo Vibe sound bar with a camera, ACR-5100 Acendo Core collaboration system, a SONY FWD65X850E 65" BRAVIA professional display and a Middle Atlantic HUB technology-ready table features one-click skype integration, perfect for business or meeting spaces. Users can bring their own devices and share documents via network drive, online, or from their devices' internal memory. The AMX ACV-5100 Ascendo Vibe captures all who are present in the room and ensures great quality of communication for the parties not present. With connection to existing networks and integration with Microsoft Exchange, this networked collaboration system is perfect for busy huddle spaces where ease of connectivity, time management, and simplicity without sacrificing performance is required. With different finishes, shapes, and lengths, the Middle Atlantic HUB is designed for easy integration, ideal for smaller collaboration spaces in corporate environments and active learning spaces.

AMX ACV-5100 Acendo Vibe Conferencing Sound Bar with Camera

The Acendo Vibe 5100 is an expertly designed web conferencing sound bar with an integrated camera. Featuring Sound by JBL, integrated connectivity that a professional environment requires, and a look that holds up to modern workspace architecture, Acendo Vibe supports the high standards of today's workforce. With Acendo Vibe's wide angle camera, integrated JBL speakers, far-field microphones, and DSP algorithms users can be sure everyone in the room is seen and heard clearly. Additionally, because the camera and microphones are integrated into the same device the potential for echoing during the call is eliminated. HDMI, USB and Bluetooth connectivity support BYOD environments as well as integration with Acendo Core for an even more intuitive room collaboration solution. CEC screen control turns the display on and off in response to triggers. Dedicated audio inputs and outputs that can also be used to integrate Acendo Vibe with other room technology, such as hearing-enhanced systems.

AMX ACR-5100 Acendo Core Meeting Space Collaboration System

Delivering a flawless start to any meeting, Acendo Core enables one-click Skype for Business meeting launch, document sharing, web browsing, room scheduling, and more, directly from the meeting space touch display or keyboard and mouse. The start screen has everything a user needs when they walk into the space. They can join Skype for Business meetings without having to find a link or meeting invite, perform a variety of space scheduling tasks, and view documents from the web, network drive, or USB with built-in document viewers. Acendo Core simplifies scheduling. With direct integration into Microsoft Exchange, the start screen shows the state of the room. Is the room available? Book it right from the start screen. Is it busy? Browse for a nearby room and book that room. It even delivers a warning when the meeting is about to end so users can extend the time, find another room, or wrap up the meeting so the next group can start on time. As the number of small meeting spaces grows it becomes more and more critical to outfit spaces with technology that is multi-purpose, is easy to install, works the way the user would expect, and offers a very low total cost of ownership through minimal to no maintenance. Acendo Core fits this growing trend perfectly and can be used in open huddle spaces with only an LCD as well as larger conference rooms with a variety of complementary technology.

SONY FWD65X850E 65" BRAVIA 4K HDR Professional Display

Offering advanced control, professional mode, optional interactive compatibility and an embedded HTML5 platform for easy digital signage creation: BRAVIA 4K Displays are designed to suit all your professional needs, so you always present a clear image. There's all the technical performance and style you’d expect from BRAVIA. The 4K LCD panel offers four times the pixel count of Full HD for outstanding picture quality, while the ultra-slim design enhances any corporate or retail environment. BRAVIA now features a range of built-in solutions to customize your Professional Display exactly the way you want. Options include Corporate Solutions, Digital Signage Solution and Hotel Solution: there’s no need for any external devices or players.

Middle Atlantic HUB Huddle Meeting Table

Each Hub is comprised of a TechPed™ Technology Pedestal featuring rackmounting space, an integrated power strip, and Lever Lock accessories for small device mounting, a table top that includes an InteGreat™ table box with two HDMI cable retractors, display wall mount and additional power strip for use with the display. This meeting table comes with either an angle or bullet shape, with the length of your choice: 6 ft, 7 ft or  8 ft and a thermolaminate or high-pressure laminate finish. To match any decor there are over 50 colors to choose from, you can specify your color in the notes of your quote request or talk to a representative today.



AMX ACV-5100 Acendo Vibe Conferencing Sound Bar with Camera:

  • Sound by JBL – Hear everything said in the meeting with speakers, microphones, and DSP algorithms from JBL
  • Wide-angle camera (120° FoV) – The wide-angle camera means that everyone in the room can be seen, including those people sitting close to the display. This makes Acendo Vibe perfect for small rooms where the table is near the display
  • Elegant Design – Modern office environments are designed to attract and retain the most talented employees through the use of elegant interior design and the use of tactile materials, such as fabrics. Acendo Vibe is built using high-quality materials and is available in three colors designed to complement any interior design
  • CEC Display Control – Acendo Vibe will turn the display on and off in response to triggers, making it even easier for users to get started with their meeting. For example, by plugging a laptop into Acendo Vibe, the display will turn on and show the laptop content. Because this is all done with CEC, there are no additional cables or programming required therefore simplifying installation
  • USB and Bluetooth Connectivity – Use Acendo Vibe in BYOD applications with a user's laptop or mobile phone, or use it with Acendo Core to create a complete, highly optimized meeting solution
  • Integrated Mounting Bracket – The integrated wall mount facilitates installation by a single person. This mount allows customers to connect and route all the cabling with Acendo Vibe on the wall and then simply rotate Acendo Vibe into position

AMX ACR-5100 Acendo Core Meeting Space Collaboration System:

  • One-click Skype for Business – Users can quickly and easily join a scheduled Skype for Business meeting without having to find a link or meeting invite, enhancing productivity by reducing wait time
  • Built-in Document Viewers – Users can present content without bringing any devices to the room. Users simply walk into the room, start a session, navigate to their document (USB drive, network drive, or the web), and start their presentation
  • Network Drive Support – Many enterprises choose to have all their documents stored on network drives. If a user authenticates into a meeting, they will have access to content stored on those drives. As Core is always on, there is no waiting for boot up time allowing users to access their network content quickly enhancing workforce productivity
  • Active Directory Authentication – By natively integrating with Active Directory, users can authenticate into Acendo Core and access network drives. Furthermore, administrators have the option to require authentication in order to use Core for secure document and network access
  • Simple and Intuitive On-screen Scheduling – At a glance, users can see the status of the meeting room. From the start screen, users can book the room if it is available, start their meeting, or book a nearby room quickly, therefore minimizing wait time and improving productivity
  • End-of-Meeting Notifications – Meetings start on time because the previous meeting ended on time. Meetings have an opportunity to wrap up cleanly and capture actions effectively because users are provided with a notification prior to the end of the scheduled meeting time

SONY FWD65X850E 65" BRAVIA 4K HDR Professional Display:

  • 4K image resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels)
  • Easily create digital signage
  • Ultra-real 4K HDR images
  • More detail in bright highlights and deep shadows
  • Greater colors with TRILUMINOS Display
  • Do more with the power of Android TV
  • Easily share content with Google Cast
  • Energy-efficient LED Backlight
  • Practical features for better business
  • Built-in HTML5 for dynamic box-free signage
  • Quick set-up with Professional Mode
  • Versatile remote control options
  • Slim styling and easy cable management
  • Easy, flexible integration

Middle Atlantic HUB Huddle Meeting Table:

  • All-in-one furniture solution with a flexible design leveraging built-in technology to benefit both integrator and end user
  • Integrator – Easy order, integration, and servicing
  • End-user – one complete foundational huddle space unit that is built for system reliability and color options to seamlessly blend into any environment
System Includes

System Includes

  • (1) AMX ACV-5100 Acendo Vibe Conferencing Sound Bar with Camera
  • (1) AMX ACR-5100 Acendo Core Meeting Space Collaboration System
  • (1) SONY FWD65X850E 65" BRAVIA 4K HDR Professional Display
  • (1) Middle Atlantic HUB Huddle Meeting Technology-Ready Table
    • Table Top
    • InteGreat™ Table Box
    • Two InteGreat™ HDMI® cable retractors with option to add another two from the InteGreat offering
    • TechPed™ Technology Pedestal, providing table support with integrated Lever Lock small device mounting, 4RU rackmount capabilities, included 4-outlet power strip
    • Wall mount bracket for flat panel displays
    • Includes additional 4-outlet power strip for use with the display
    • Table configurations enable design flexibility and a variety of applications

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