Bose Hotel Room Sound System with 191 In-Wall Loudspeakers and 791 In-Ceiling Loudspeakers
Part # HTSS-191791
Model # HTSS-191791
Your guests will return to your hotel to enjoy the wide, spacious surround sound experience projected by the Virtually Invisible 191 and 791 speaker group. The flush-mount design blends seamlessly into the walls and ceilings of your hotel rooms.

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This Bose Hotel Room Sound System with Virtually Invisible 791 and 191 speakers features Stereo Everywhere® speaker performance and produces balanced stereo sound over a wide area, unlike conventional home audio speakers that radiate sound mostly in a single direction.

Virtually Invisible® 191 In-wall Speakers

Bose® 191 flush-mount speakers blend into your room so beautifully, only their noteworthy performance will remind you they're there. Install them in your wall, connect to your stereo or surround sound components, and enjoy wide, spacious sound coverage while these Virtually Invisible® speakers almost disappear.

Articulated Array® speaker design
with two precisely positioned full-range drivers (2.5") provides consistent, lifelike sound over a large listening area.

Virtually Invisible® 791 In-ceiling Speakers

Experience the best performance Bose offers in an in-ceiling speaker. Virtually Invisible® 791 speakers are engineered to reproduce lifelike sound with more spaciousness, detail and depth than conventional in-ceiling speakers.




Virtually Invisible® 191 in-ceiling speakers

  • Flush-mount speaker design for in-wall installation
  • Spacious, natural sound from two 2.5" full-range drivers
  • Includes round and rectangular grilles to match decor

Virtually Invisible® 791 in-ceiling speakers

  • Our best in-ceiling speakers for music and movies
  • Bose® technologies deliver wider coverage and lower notes than typical in-ceiling speakers
  • Simplified installation with four clamp screws; grilles twist easily into place
  • Features a 7" woofer and two tweeters

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