IMLCORP SoundCommander 5600 Acoustic Hailing Device
Part # IML25600
Model # SC5600
The IMLCORP SoundCommander 5600 Acoustic Hailing Device is an array of six speakers that can be used as a single unit or two three-speaker arrays.

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Improved, optimized internal sound-dampening materials over previous SoundCommander 3600 Series speakers protect the hearing of anyone standing alongside or behind it. The SC5600 comes with a 500-Watt amplifier and newly designed electronics.

Take control with the highest levels of clarity and voice intelligibility with the new, more powerful SoundCommander SC5600 Acoustic Hailing Device (AHD). Project highly intelligible, crystal-clear live-voice and pre-recorded announcements and warning tones up to 2000 meters. You’ll gain more coverage and flexibility with the only high-powered AHD that can be configured for narrow-beam (±15o) or wide-area tactical loudspeaker system for non-lethal support for crowd control, psychological operations, shipboard protection, emergency mass notification and all other tactical operations and public safety needs.

The SC5600’s new ruggedized aluminum housing reduces overall size and cuts system weight to 44 pounds for easier mounting on military and police vehicles and on Navy, Coast Guard and merchant ships. Stack or separate speaker arrays to meet any tactical, security or public safety sound need. Separating the system into two three-speaker arrays provides wide-area direction, and it lowers the overall height, reducing target size in combat operations.


  • AlertCommander Portable Pre-recorded Warning and Message Delivery System.
  • 256-Channel UHF Wireless Transmitter/Receiver Set.
  • Internal Digital/Analog Receiver/Converter For Remote Digital Communication.
  • External Rechargeable Battery Box adds 36AHr to Standard Internal Battery Pack.
  • 24VDC Conversion Kits.
  • Adjustable Air Assist “Pop Up” Tripod Array Stand and Padded Case, 4’6’' to 8’6” (1.6m to 2.8m).
  • Array extension cables to 200' (61m).
  • Roof Racks and Other Mounts – custom-fabricated for vehicles, helicopters/airships, boats/ships, poles/towers and buildings.
  • Gun Pintle or Ring Mount.
  • Pan-And-Tilt Mechanism, Manual, with 1.5" (38mm) Stand/Pole Mount, Includes Tilt.
  • Handle and Lock Knobs.
  • 7,000,000 Candlepower Waterproof Remote Controlled Searchlight.
Power Amplifier Output 500 Watts RMS Standard, 1000 Watt Available
Harmonic Distortion Less than .04% at full RMS Power
Inputs Mic, Aux, Wireless UHF Digital/Analog Converter
Built in Siren Tones Available (Choice of 3) Wail, Yelp, Horn, Hi-Lo, Emergency Warning
AC Power Supply Switchable 115 or 230 VAC, 6 Amp in, 40 Amp Output
Batteries Two 12VDC 7.5 Ahr Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid
Power Cable 7' (2.3m) Heavy Duty 14AWG
Loudspeakers 60 Watt RMS Reentrant Horn Waterproof Marine Loudspeakers
Loudspeakers per Set 6 Spkr (Directional Array)
Speaker Frequency Response 400-8000Hz, 400Hz - 6500 Hz ±3dB
Sound ± 15° Focused Main "Beam" Spread
Audio Power Output. (RMS) Continuous 146dB @ 1m RMS
Audio Power Output. (Peak) 153dB @ 1m
Max Effective Range To 2000m Directional
Wireless UHF Plug on Transmitter 100mw continuous output, 256 channels selectable
Wireless Transmitter Effective Range to 800m
Wireless Transmitter Gain Near zero to max audio level
Wireless Transmitter Weight with Batteries 9 Oz (256g)
Speaker Array Material Integrated Welded Aluminum Housing
Speaker Array Aluminum Housing Colors Black, Grey, Tan, Olive Green (Custom Colors Available)
Speaker storage Case Material 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon Padded Soft Cases
Ajustable Pop Up Stands Included 1 Ea
Adjustable Tripod Stand Height 1 Ea 4' - 6' (1.2m - 1.8m)
Tripod Stand Storage Bag Colors Black, Camo, Dessert Tan, Red (Custom Colors Available)
Operating Climate -30° F (-34°C) to +140° F (60°C)
Dimensions SC5000 Series Amp Module 22" (560mm) X 12" (310mm) X 8" (200mm)
Weight Amplifier Module W Batteries 35lbs (15.9Kg)
Dimensions SC5600 3 Spkr Array Section L- 22" (559mm) X D-10" (254mm) X H-12" (305mm)
Six Speaker Array Head Weight 44 lbs. (20 Kg)
System Operational Weight with Batteries 98Lb (44.5Kg)
Pan and Tilt Mechanism Welded Aluminum with Hand Holds
Pan and Tilt Mechanism Accessories (option) XLR Microphone and XLR Aux Audio Device In
System Transport/Shipping/Storage Weight 120lbs (54.5 Kg)

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