Office Sound System Wireless Bluetooth Music Streaming with 8 Denon DN-104S Ceiling Speakers and DN-333XAB Mixer Amplifier
Part # OFSS-8104S333XAB
Model # OFSS-8104S333XAB
This Denon Professional Office sound system is ideal for small to medium coverage areas and can be expanded beyond that for further coverage and control over separate zones and paging.

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Our wireless office sound systems with Bluetooth capability have amazing performance, reliability, styling and great value, making them ideal for ambient or masking background music (BGM) and speech reproduction (paging and announcements) in a wide range of business environments such as: medical, corporate, businesses, hotels, office buildings and more. Just sync your Bluetooth device or any audio source such as a laptop, iPod, iPad, XM Radio, or a simple CD player. Our business stereo sound systems can be easily expanded for more coverage, multi-room, and control over separate zones and paging. Designed with world-class components that meet your needs and budget. All systems are built and warrantied for continuous use in commercial business environments.

Denon Professional’s range of ceiling loudspeakers is designed to deliver exceptionally accurate, articulate sound while easily meeting commercial requirements for fire-resistance and suitability for multiple unit installation.

The Denon Professional DN-104S features a metal “can” rear enclosure, which provides a fire barrier behind the speaker to meet commercial fire codes. It also serves as the woofer’s enclosure to optimize its bass tuning and low frequency response. The speakers have 70/100-volt transformers to facilitate multiple unit installations without the impedance and level-matching concerns of paralleled transformerless speakers.

The DN-104S utilizes high quality drive units in tuned reflex enclosures and precision electronic crossovers to deliver clean, detailed sound, perfect for music, public address applications and business/educational presentations, while meeting all safety and fire codes as required by commercial venues.

The Bluetooth®-enabled Denon Professional DN-333XAB forms the heart of a complete commercial audio system by mixing and amplifying wireless, microphone and line input sources. This rackmount mic/line mixer with integrated amplifier is ideal for the education, fitness, restaurant,hospitality markets and more.

More than ever before, commercial installations require utmost flexibility without compromising sound quality or increasing complication. The DN-333XAB fuses comprehensive source mixing and simple, intuitive operation with professional amplification, in a compact and affordable package that works with virtually every mobile device imaginable.

Perfect for driving in-ceiling or wall-mounted speaker systems, the DN-333XAB features 120 watts of built-in Class D amplification at ultra-low distortion for exceptional clarity. Dedicated mixing controls for three XLR+1/4-inch combination microphone inputs, two pairs of stereo line level RCA jack inputs, and a front-panel 1/8-inch (3.5mm) auxiliary input gives users the ability to create a seamless blend of audio from a plethora of source types. A front-panel Bluetooth pairing control with LED status indicator provides a fast and simple wireless connection to smartphones and tablets. A quick-responding limiter eliminates the negative audible effects of excessively high input signals from microphones or playback material.

The DN-333XAB output section offers detachable Euroblock 70V and 100V outputs with a 4-ohm transformer bypass output, as well as Chime, Alarm, and push-to-talk mic facilities. An RCA line-level send and return connector lets the installer integrate external audio processors, if desired. The compact 2RU unit fits neatly with other rack-mounted equipment for an integrated system appearance, or may sit on a shelf via the attached rubberized feet.



Denon Professional DN-104S Ceiling Loudspeaker

  • 4-inch long-excursion woofers
  • 20mm wide dispersion dome tweeter
  • Driver Power: 30 W (RMS) 60 W (Peak)
  • 70/100V transformers for multi-unit installations
  • Metal rear enclosures meet commercial fire codes
  • Frequency response: 80-20kHz
  • Mounting Bracket Included

Denon Professional DN-333XAB Mixer Amplifier

  • Audio mixer with Bluetooth receiver and 120 Watt amplifier
  • Accepts & mixes all common audio input types
  • Independent volume controls for mic, line and Bluetooth inputs
  • (3) XLR+1/4” combo mic inputs with selectable +15V phantom power
  • (2) RCA line level stereo inputs; front panel 1/8” (3.5mm) Aux input
  • Built-in limiter automatically prevents erratic audio sources from clipping
  • Front panel Bluetooth pairing control with LED status indicator
  • Master level control with system Bass and Treble adjustments
  • Euroblock connections for Common, 4 Ohm transformer bypass, 70V, 100V, microphone PTT, Alarm and Chime outputs
  • RCA line-level send-return connections
  • Stereo RCA Aux outputs
  • Space-saving 2RU design
System Includes

System Includes

  • (8) Denon Professional DN-104S 4 inch Commercial Grade Ceiling Loudspeakers
  • (1) Denon Professional DN-333XAB Mixer Amplifier with Bluetooth Connectivity
  • (1) Atlas Sound AT100D Decora Plate Mounted Attenuator

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