Outdoor Hospitality Sound System with 2 TOA GS-302 Garden Speakers and 4 H-3WP Wide Dispersion Outdoor Speakers
Part # ODSS-2GS3024H3WPA2240
Model # ODSS-2GS3024H3WPA2240

This Outdoor Hospitality Sound System consisting of 2 garden speakers, 4 wide dispersion outdoor speakers and a mixer power amplifier, is the perfect outdoor sound system for smaller gardens, pools and patio areas that may need background music and paging. Indoor/outdoor cable wire included.

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Outdoor Hospitality Sound System

This Outdoor Hospitality Sound System consisting of 2 TOA GS-302 Garden Speakers, 4 TOA H-3P Wide Dispersion Outdoor Speakers and a TOA A-2240 Mixer Power Amplifier, is the perfect outdoor sound system for smaller gardens, pools and patio areas that may need background music and paging. West Penn cable wire included.

TOA GS-302 Garden Speaker

The TOA GS-302 Garden Speaker is a compact speaker that is ideal for applications such as paging and background music broadcasting in various locations such as gardens, theme parks, resort facilities and others. The exterior is formed of corrosion-resistant material that gives it an extended service life in adverse environments (IPX4 category). The Garden Speakers inconspicuous design enables it to be easily installed in the middle of garden shrubbery and virtually disappear into the surroundings.

TOA H-3WP Wide Dispersion Outdoor Speakers

The H-3 Wide-Dispersion 2-Way Wall Mount Speaker System is the newest addition to the TOA Interior Design Series and continues TOA's modern, innovative approach to commercial speaker design. The H-3's unique appearance and superb sound quality provide a welcome alternative to conventional wall-mount speakers for spaces where appearance is a prime consideration. This weather-resistant version is for outdoor applications such as gardens, patios and swimming pools. The H-3's wide 140 degree horizontal coverage pattern provides a solution for eliminating deadspots inherent between wall-mounted speakers. Also, the Minimum Reflection design significantly reduces sound wave reflections and the resulting sound coloration that occurs with conventional bracket-mounted "box" type speakers.

TOA A-2240 Mixer Power Amplifier

The TOA A-2240 Mixer/ Power Amplifier offers versatile features and outstanding value for installed sound applications such as schools, offices, restaurants, shops, factories, houses of worship and large meeting rooms. The A-2240 (240 W) is manufactured with proven TOA quality and reliability. Features include five inputs, two auxiliary (stereo summing) line inputs. two balanced microphone inputs and one telephone input. Mic 1 input provides 21V DC phantom power (switchable ON/OFF). Speaker outputs consist of 70.7 V, 25 V and 4 ohm. An auxiliary line output can be used for recording or connection to an external power amplifier.



TOA GS-302 Garden Speakers:

  • Enclosure composed of FRP resin provides exceptional resistance to corrosion and moisture, making it ideal for installations outdoors
  • Wiring and the base unit may be buried in the ground positioned in garden shrubber
  • Unobtrusive design allows it to easily blend into the surroundings
  • Designed exclusively for high impedance applications and is easily incorporated into a distributed network covering a larger area

TOA H-3WP Wide Dispersion Outdoor Speakers:

  • Unique Appearance blends well with modern architecture for background/ foreground music and paging systems
  • Wide Variety of Applications including hotels, houses of worship, museums, offices, residential spaces, restaurants, and retail stores
  • Wide Coverage Area: 140° horizontal x 70° vertical dispersion
  • Weather-Resistant Version Available for outdoor applications such as gardens, patios and swimming pools
  • Minimum Reflection Design reduces sound wave reflections typical of conventional bracket-mounted "box" type speakers
  • High Power Handling: 150 W (Continuous Program)
  • Two-Way, Sealed Enclosure with High-Quality Components: 1" Dome Tweeter and Dual 4” Woofers with Neodymium Magnets
  • Built-In 70.7/100 V Matching Transformer (30 W max.) for distributed speaker systems (8 and 16 ohm taps also available)
  • Protection Circuit prevents loudspeaker damage from excessive input
  • Built-In Crossover with optimized filter slopes
  • UL-Listed Fire-Resistant Material
  • Removable Terminal Block with loop-through terminations for distributed speaker systems
  • Paintable Grille to custom-match to the environment

TOA A-2240 Mixer Power Amplifier:

  • Five Channel Integrated Mixer/Amplifiers for paging and background music distribution
  • Proven TOA Quality and Reliability with wide frequency response, very low noise and distortion, and excellent output regulation
  • Two Mic Inputs, balanced mic, inputs, 23 VDC phantom power switchable ON/OFF
  • Two Auxiliary Inputs, unbalanced, stereo summing with dual-RCA jacks for convenient connection of stereo sources
  • Transformer-Isolation for Telephone Paging Applications (Telephone Input)
  • 25 V, 70.7 V and 4 Ohm Speaker Outputs with screw type barrier terminal strip
  • Auto-Mute Priority Function
  • Inputs Mic 1, Mic 2 and Telephone take priority
  • Inputs Aux 1 and Aux 2 function as background inputs that mute -30dB during paging operation
  • Auto-Mute Sensitivity Control for adjusting mute activation threshold
  • Individual Channel and Master Volume Controls
  • Bass/Treble Tone Controls
  • Recording Output for connecting an external amplifier or recording device
  • Over-current and Thermal Protection Circuitry prevents potential damage from overloads, short-circuit and overheating
  • UL / cUL Listed
System Includes

System Includes

  • (2) TOA GS-302 Garden Speakers
  • (4) TOA H-3WP Wide Dispersion Outdoor Speakers
  • (1) TOA A-2240 Mixer Power Amplifier
  • (500ft) West Penn AQ226 14/2 Aquaseal Fire-Alarm Cable

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