Terra AC.17e.PT Package with 6 Speakers 1 Subwoofer and CDi 1000 Power Amplifier
Part # AC.17e.PT Package
Model # AC.17e.PT Package

This Terra package is designed to provide excellent sound coverage for outdoor spaces. Includes 6 Terra 70V all-weather speakers, 1 subwoofer, a Crown power amplifier and RDL line combiner.

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AC.17e.PT Package

Terra packages are designed to provide excellent sound coverage for outdoor spaces. These all-climate speakers emit high-quality sound with no maintenance. This package for foreground music includes 6 AC.17ePT 70V all-weather speakers, 1 AC.SUBe subwoofer, a Crown CDi 1000 Power Amplifier, RDL TX-LC2 line combiner and PS-24AS Power Supply and can cover a 3,000 sq. ft area at a high level of volume.

Terra AC.17ePT 6.5" All-Weather 70V Indoor Outdoor Speaker

The top-of-the-line AC.17e delivers terrific sound at high output levels making it ideal for larger areas or outdoor surround sound systems. It includes two 6.5-inch cast frame AC Series woofers for powerful bass response with delicate and articulate midrange. Highs are delivered by our exclusive 1.1-inch inverted Titanium dome fluid cooled tweeter, all divided through a high quality computer optimized third order crossover. The AC.17e is available in green, white or black and since the color permeates all the way through the Polyethylene enclosure you’ll never have to touch them up or worry about rust or corrosion. Connector choices include 5-way gold flashed binding posts or a water tight 4-foot “pigtail”, optional is our marine grade Conxall® quick connecter for use with the Pigtail version. All AC Series except the Wide-FI models can be ordered as 70Volt.

The connector is a water tight 4-foot "pigtail", also optional is a marine grade Conxall® quick connector for use with the Pigtail version. All AC Series except the Wide-FI models can be ordered as 70Volt.

Terra AC.SUBe 12" Outdoor Weatherproof Subwoofer

The Terra AC.SUBe is a powerful, weather proof partial burial subwoofer that provides a real foundation for your outdoor musical enjoyment. Its water-tight rotationally molded Polyethylene enclosure is completely impervious to the elements and since it’s totally sealed there’s no concern about insects or small animals getting side and doing damage. The internal custom-built cast aluminum 12-inch woofer is a study in high performance, low distortion and all weather reliability. Its ACAD™ (Anodized-Ceramic Aluminum Diaphragm) cone is stiff, responsive and impervious to the elements. The driver’s motor structure includes a large ceramic alloy magnet and a vented 2-inch aluminum edge wound voice coil. Its surround is a half-roll rubber composite that’s also impervious to the elements including salt spray and chlorine mist (as is the rest of the system). The compact AC.SUBe is designed to be partially buried 2/3 of the way into the ground leaving its mushroom shaped top exposed. It’s available in green or black and the color is imbedded throughout the polyethylene material for ultimate durability. The AC.SUBe is conservatively rated to deliver 26 to 115Hz (+/- 3dB) of powerful, authoritative bass in the backyard, the garden or around the pool.

Of course, as a passive design the AC.SUBe isn’t intended to be used alone. Terra offers a custom programmed Crown™ CDi 1000 dual channel power amplifier that’s been set up to maximize the sub’s performance and integrate its output with Terra’s award winning all-climate speakers. The AC.SUBe makes for a spectacular outdoor music system, easily on par with traditional high quality indoor audio reproduction.

Crown CDi 1000 2-Channel Power Amplifier

The CDi Series amplifiers are professional tools designed and built for installed sound applications. The series includes four models which are identical except for output power: CDi 1000, CDi 2000, CDi 4000, and CDi 6000. All are rugged and lightweight, and offer unmatched value in their class.  The CDi Series amplifiers feature an intuitive front-panel LCD screen to guide installers through their configurations. CDi amplifiers also offer onboard DSP for loudspeaker signal processing. Other features include a switch-mode universal power supply, useful function indicators, proportional-speed fan-assisted cooling, removable Phoenix-style inputs, barrier strip outputs for low-Z or 70V/140V loads, short-circuit protection and more.

RDL TX-LC2 Unbalanced to Balanced Line Combiner

The TX-LC2 is the ideal choice in installations requiring the active, isolated mixing of two unbalanced line-level audio sources to feed a balanced (or unbalanced) audio line. The input circuits are high-impedance, line-level (-10 dBV) and are isolated from each other. Therefore the modules may be used to bridge an unbalanced stereo source without affecting the stereo separation. The output from the TX-LC2 is a mono mix of the stereo signal. Gain of the combined signals is adjustable from -10 to +10 dB (rel. +4 dBu output). The TX-LC2 may also be used to mix two separate sources into a single output. The mixing circuit in the module is an active summing amplifier. The output driver provides a 150 Ω balanced source to drive high or low impedance, balanced or unbalanced lines. The TX-LC2 is operated from a 24 Vdc power supply, and with reduced headroom it may be operated from a 12 Vdc power supply. The input connectors make connection of the TX-LC2 easy. The broad gain range makes the TX-LC2 ideally suited to any installation where a balanced mono signal is needed from a stereo unbalanced source, particularly low-output consumer products such as certain televisions. Use the TX-LC2 individually, or combine it with other RDL modules and accessories as part of a complete audio/video system.



Terra AC.17ePT 6.5" 70V All-Weather Speakers:

  • 6.5” ACAD cast frame woofer
  • Co-axially mounted Titanium 1.1-inch dome tweeter
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant UniCavity enclosure
  • 48” burial grade pigtail with watertight connector
  • 70V transformer with 8W, 16W, 32W, 64W taps or direct to 8 Ohm
  • Available in green, white or black

Terra AC.SUBe 12" Outdoor Weatherproof Subwoofer:

  • Sealed, molded polyethylene enclosure, approximately ¼” thick, color permeated, UV stable
  • Hardwired 6-foot pigtail cable with a watertight enclosure pass through
  • Included silicone filled outdoor grade wire connectors
  • Conxall® watertight quick-connector (optional)
  • Rust-proof cast alloy driver frame
  • Above ground or partial burial installation
  • Stainless steel mesh grille to reduces debris build up

Crown CDi 1000 Power Amplifier:

  • Extremely versatile; rated for 2-, 4-, 8-ohm loads and 70V and 140V outputs
  • Switch-mode universal power supply
  • Intuitive front-panel LCD screen for quick, easy configuration
  • Onboard digital signal processing includes crossovers, EQ filters, delay and output limiting
  • Up to 20 user defined DSP presets are available

RDL TX-LC2 Unbalanced to Balanced Line Combiner:

  • Mix 2 Unbalanced Audio Signals to Mono Balanced
  • Combine Stereo Into Mono with Balanced Output
  • Output Gain Trim
  • Isolation Between Inputs
  • Unbalanced to Balanced Conversion
  • High-Quality Audio


Package Includes

Package Includes

  • (6) Terra AC.17ePT 6.5" 70V All-Weather Speakers
  • (1) Terra AC.SUBe 12" Outdoor Weatherproof Subwoofer
  • (1) Crown CDi 1000 2-Channel Power Amplifier
  • (1) RDL TX-LC2 Unbalanced to Balanced Line Combiner
    • (1) PS-24AS Power Supply

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