Restaurant Sound System with 4 Yamaha VXS1ML Compact Speakers and MA2030a 2-Channel Mixer Amplifier
Part # RSSS-4VXS1MLMA2030A
Model # RSSS-4VXS1MLMA2030A

This background music restaurant sound system with 4 Yamaha compact speakers, a subwoofer, 2-channel mixer amplifier, digital control panel and a Harman Kardon Bluetooth adapter delivers consistent high-performance sound while adding to your ambiance. Tailored for entrance areas, restaurants, bars, cafes, retail stores, hotels and other hospitality environments, you’ll enjoy exceptional audio quality with this easy to use speaker system.

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Yamaha Restaurant or Retail Sound System

Designed for commercial background music applications, this system includes 4 Yamaha VXS1ML full-range speakers and a VXS3S subwoofer along with a Yamaha MA2030a 2-channel compact mixer amplifier with DSP, a DCP1V4S digital control panel and a Harman Kardon BTA 10 external Bluetooth adapter. Background music adds to the ambience of any restaurant, cafe, retail store, or hotel and is an element of high demand in nearly any indoor public space. Available in black or white, these speakers offer a clean and very compact design to easily blend into any interior décor along with top-notch sound quality.

Yamaha VXS1ML Compact Surface-Mount Speakers

An elegant environment depends on more than just décor and lighting. Sound plays a vital role as well. VXS series “M” models combine sophisticated sound and design in compact surface-mount speakers that will make a significant contribution to the most refined, elegant spaces. While the sound of some compact speaker systems is a compromise, the innovative VXS series “M” models are designed in every detail, from driver to enclosure, to deliver the finest possible sound quality in the smallest possible space. Graceful curves define a tasteful form that will blend beautifully in any interior. The key to extraordinary sonic performance is a small 1.5-inch full-range driver unit. Technology and expertise accumulated over 50 years of speaker development and production has been liberally applied in a speaker that delivers exceptional clarity and astonishing musical realism. First you’ll be surprised by this speaker’s looks, and then by its extraordinary sound.

Yamaha VXS3S 3.5" Dual Surface-Mount Subwoofer

The VXS series “S” model subwoofers are ideal matches for VXS and VXC series speakers, smoothly extending the low frequency range with superb sonic quality for bigger, more true-to-life musical reproduction. Although no larger than a compact surface-mount speaker the VXS3S delivers solid, natural-sounding low-end reinforcement, while the VXS10S and VXS10ST make even more low-frequency power available for situations that require maximum bass authority.

Yamaha MA2030a 2-Channel Compact Mixer Amplifier  with DSP

With a quick, easy setup and simple intuitive operation, it's never been easier to bring your commercial space to life than with Yamaha's newest addition to their Commercial Installation Solutions lineup with the MA2030a compact mixer power amplifier. This model combines a familiar, unassuming construction with efficient, flexible performance and offers 2-channel mixing capabilities with source EQ (Bass/Treble), as well as a number of the same acclaimed Yamaha's state-of-the art DSP technologies featured in their top of the line professional audio gear. Whether providing background music for a cafe or restaurant, or powering a conference room or any number of applications requiring a microphone, the MA2030a provides you with a compact, yet powerful tool to help shape your ideal commercial sound environment.

Harman Kardon BTA 10 External Bluetooth Adapter

The Harman Kardon® BTA 10 connects directly to your entertainment system and enables you to stream audio wirelessly into the system from any Bluetooth-equipped portable device.

Yamaha DCP1V4S Digital Control Panel

The Yamaha DCP1V4S Digital Control Panel connects to the Yamaha MA2030 Mixer Amplifier for remote volume control, microphone on/off switching, or triggering the built-in chime for announcements. DCP controllers provide flexible external control of several functions such as preset recall, levels, and SD card playback. The DCP1V4S is available in either US or EU standardized sizes, built to meet the specifications of most regions around the globe.



Yamaha VXS1ML Compact Surface-Mount Speakers:

  • Optimized for Background Music
  • High-performance Full-range Driver
  • A Sublime Blend of Function and Elegance
  • A Range of Installation Options
  • Compact Subwoofer Option for Luxurious Bass
  • Newly developed 1.5-inch full-range driver unit
  • Wide 170° horizontal and vertical dispersion
  • Compact 62mm x 62mm form blends unobtrusively with any décor
  • Dedicated wall/ceiling mount hardware supplied
  • Black and white models available
  • Packaging single
  • Paintable enclosures and grilles

Yamaha VXS3S 3.5" Dual Surface-Mount Subwoofer:

  • A Choice of Models for All Low-frequency Needs
  • Low-frequency Enhancement Methods
  • Satellite Connectors Optimize Balance
  • Flexible Installation Options

Yamaha MA2030a 2-Channel Compact Mixer Amplifier with DSP:

  • Lo-Z/Hi-Z switchable compact Class-D mixer amplifier
  • 8Ω option to the existing low-impedance (30W x 2ch, 3Ω/4Ω selectable) output
  • High-pass and low-pass filters making it easier to incorporate subwoofers for enhanced audio quality
  • Easy setup, and a user-friendly interface for effortless operation
  • Flexible 3 stereo inputs and 2 microphone inputs
  • Advanced DSP functions for music playback and microphone use
  • Stereo source EQ with enhancer function
  • Built-in EQ for optimum Yamaha VXC/VXS series speaker performance
  • EQ optimized for Yamaha VXS10S/ST subwoofers also included
  • Service zones can be expanded by adding a PA2030
  • Remote volume control and microphone on/off switching via the optional DCP1V4S control panel
  • Yamaha quality control ensures safe, reliable operation
  • Space-saving 1U half-rack size (Sufficient space must be provided above and below the unit for airflow and cooling)

Harman Kardon BTA 10 External Bluetooth Adapter:

  • Listen to audio content from any compatible Bluetooth-equipped product through your home entertainment system
  • Memorizes up to eight different Bluetooth devices
  • Easy to connect and auto-pair with your phone or tablet
  • Includes connection cables for virtually any audio product with an analog input – no extra accessories required
  • Compact, elegant, space-saving design

Yamaha DCP1V4S Digital Control Panel:

  • 1 volume & 4 switches equipped wall mount control panel
  • 1 DCP can be connected to 1 MA2030
  • Simple connection via Cat5
  • Available in US or EU standardized sizes
System Includes

System Includes

  • (4) Yamaha VXS1ML VXS Series M Compact Surface Mount Speakers
  • (1) Yamaha VXS3S VXS Series S 3.5" Dual Surface Mount Subwoofer
  • (1) Yamaha MA2030a 2 Channel Compact Mixer Amplifier with DSP
  • (1) Harman Kardon BTA 10 External Bluetooth Adapter
  • (1) Yamaha DCP1V4S Digital Control Panel
  • (250ft) West Penn 224 Audio Speaker Cable

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