Office Sound Masking System with 4 Atlas Sound M1000 Speakers and AM1200 Sound Masking Generator
Part # SMSS-M1000AM1200
Model # SMSS-M1000AM1200

This Sound Masking System for corporate offices and work spaces reduces noise distractions, protects confidential conversations and increase office comfort.. You can add more sound masking speakers for larger office areas and or multiple floors. Great for open floor plans, this fully integrated, highly cost effective office noise reduction system for use in commercial office environments.

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Open Office Floor Plan Noise Reduction and Sound Masking System
Protect office speech privacy and earn better HCAHPS scores and HIPAA compliance

Sound Masking that will help reduce noise and protect privacy and confidential information. The advent of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has mandated privacy for corporate environments where HR managers and supervisors handle employee personal information. Anyone handling personal information is required to comply with laws that include taking the necessary steps to prevent private conversations from being overheard. The additional concern of identity theft at financial institutions that handle large amounts of customer personal information, including account numbers and access codes, make their call centers and retail locations prime examples for the need for a speech privacy system.

The Atlas Sound M1000 sound masking speaker assembly is designed to accurately reproduce the required spectrum of masking signal into the plenum space. The innovative 734 cubic inch square enclosure ensures ample low-frequency response. A specially designed 8" dual cone loudspeaker is included in the package. A high-efficiency 70.7V internal transformer is coupled to an external tap selector switch for easy system tuning.

The exclusive Atlas Sound EZ hang brackets simplify installation. This innovative suspension system utilizes (2) collapsible plated hangers configured to allow quick upward, downward, or side firing installation. The hangers are factory-installed on the unit and fold flat for shipping. To meet most any local code requirement, the M1000 includes an innovative cover containing both knockouts and a strain relief. This system will allow the use of rigid or flexible conduit (if required) and easily accommodates "through" connections on the removable plate. UL 2043 listed for use in air handling spaces.

Installation is made easy via the optional 78" (2m) suspension chain system, part MCHAIN72, that allows quick mounting and height adjustment of the M1000. An integral wire strain relief strategically located on the top of the enclosure allows for secure speaker cable termination.

The Atlas Sound AM1200 is a Low Profile Sound Masking System that features a compact enclosure utilizing two efficient wide range 2" x 4" speakers that are powered by an internal 12W amplifier. Its selectable white and pink analog sources are incorporated to allow maximum masking design flexibility and a variable high cut filter contours the masking noise to the appropriate environment. The AM1200 also features an external 12 Watt 70.7V amplifier output to drive other 70.7V speakers. Four mounting holes on the chassis make installation flexible as the AM1200 can be mounted to the wall or ceiling, or if you need a single suspension point, two removable hanger brackets are included.



Atlas Sound M1000 Sound Masking Speakers:

  • 70.7V POWER TAPS: .25, .5, 1, 2 and 4
  • Pre-Assembled Unit Includes 8" dia. Loudspeaker, Transformer, Enclosure, Baffle and Mounting Hardware
  • Labor-Saving Hardware Package – Complete with New Snap Hanger Assembly, Allows Quick and Easy Installation
  • Innovative Input Panel Includes Combination Knock-Out and Strain Relief Connector to Accommodate Flexible or Rigid Conduit
  • Design Enables Upward, Downward, or Horizontal Orientation
  • 734 in³ Enclosure for Extended Low Frequency Response
  • Available in Black or White Epoxy Finishes to Blend with a Variety of Open Ceiling Plans
  • Suitable for Use Above Suspended Ceiling Systems or Open Ceiling Spaces Approved for Use in Air Handling (Plenum Ceilings)
  • Safety Listed to UL 1480 & UL 2043

Atlas Sound AM1200 Sound Masking Generator:

  • Self-Contained Audio Masking System
  • Includes Two Efficient Wide Range 2" x 4" Speakers
  • Internal 12W Class D Amplifier
  • Selectable White and Pink Noise Analog Generators
  • External UL Rated 24VDC Power Supply
  • UL2043 Listed "Suitable for Use in Air-Handling Spaces"
  • UL60065 Listed
System Includes

System Includes

  • (4) Atlas Sound M1000 Sound Masking Speakers
  • (1) Atlas Sound AM1200 Sound Masking Generator
  • (1) Atlas Sound TSD-PS24V250MA Power Supply
  • (400') West Penn 224 18/2 AWG Speaker Wire

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