Office and Warehouse PA Sound System with 12 Atlas Sound In-Ceiling Speaker Kits and 8 Outdoor Horn Speakers
Part # WHSS-12SD72WKIT8AP15T
Model # WHSS-12SD72WKIT8AP15T

This paging and announcement sound system is designed for manufacturing facility offices with warehousing, shipping and receiving. Improve communication and productivity and increase efficiency and safety throughout your company offices, break room, warehouse and loading dock with this multi-zone music and messaging sound system.

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Office, Warehouse and Loading Dock Paging and Announcement Sound System

This paging and announcement sound system is designed for industrial office buildings that also include a warehouse storage and shipping area. Improve communication and productivity and increase efficiency and safety throughout your office, break room, warehouse and loading dock with this multi-zone music and messaging sound system, you can also connect to your existing paging telephone system. This sysem includes twelve Atlas Sound SD72W-KIT ceiling speaker kits with backcans and tile bridges, eight Atlas Sound AP-15T weather resistant horn loudspeakers, Atlas Sound CP400 dual channel power amplifier, TOA A-912MK2 8-channel mixer amplifier, TOA TT-104B 304L program timer, Atlas Sound AP-S15A 15A power conditioner, TOA PM-660U push-to-talk paging microphone for the office, TOA PM-222U noise-cancelling paging microphone for the warehouse, four Atlas Sound AT100 100W volume controls (ex: two for the office area and two for the warehouse/loading dock), Raxxess ER-12-18 12U 18" deep economy rack, a Raxxess SFG-1 1U blank panel, TOA MB-15B rack mount kit for the TT-104B program timer, TOA MB-25B rack mount kit for the A-912MK2 mixer amp, 25 rack screws and washers, 100 ft microphone cable and 1000 ft speaker wire for installation. 

Atlas Sound SD72W-KIT Ceiling Speaker Kit with CS95-8 Enclosures and 81-8R Tile Bridges

The loudspeaker used in the SD72W is the next generation of Atlas high-performance cone loudspeakers, very similar to the preceding C-Series loudspeakers. The similarity in the sonic qualities ensures that contractors and designers who have worked with the AtlasIED C-Series in the past will know exactly what to expect when they use the SD72W. Model SD72W is a dual cone, 25 watt 8" (205mm) loudspeaker with a 10oz. (260g) ceramic magnet. It includes a curvilinear, treated paper cone for lower harmonic distortion. The loudspeaker is also equipped with a full 1" diameter copper voice coil with a black anodized aluminum former for better power dissipation. Package includes factory installed 25/70.7V line matching transformer with tap selections ranging from .25 to 5 watts. Model SD72W operates within a frequency response range of 45Hz - 19kHz (nominal) with a sensitivity of 97dB and a dispersion angle of 105°. The SD72W includes a factory installed CRS baffle with concealed loudspeaker mounting studs and includes screw mount hardware. The SD72W baffle features standard mounting holes to accommodate the majority of AtlasIED 8" tile bridges, mounting rings and enclosures. When specifying mounting hardware be advised that the dimensions of the SD72W baffle match the AtlasIED Model 62-8. The baffle finish is white powder coat epoxy.

Atlas Sound AP-15T Horn Loudspeakers

The AP-15T is a double re-entrant loudspeaker which delivers 15-watts of continuous power handling, superior intelligibility and unparalleled efficiency. This horn speaker operates within a nominal frequency response range of 400-14,000 Hz and offers a sensitivity of 120dB at rated power to provide clear voice and signal communication. 
The trademarked squared-bell design signifies Atlas Sound quality and reliability. The Omni-Purpose® mounting bracket (supplied on all models) achieves precise positioning in the vertical and horizontal planes with a single adjustment and includes provisions for loudspeaker installation on conventional surfaces as well as for strap mounting on I-beams or pillars. AP Series loudspeakers are U.S. made to assure superior service reliability. Weather-resistant construction is metal and matching ABS plastic with metal components finished in grey epoxy.

Atlas Sound CP400 Dual Channel Power Amplifier

The Atlas Sound CP400 is a professional grade audio power amplifier specifically designed for demanding contractor applications. The CP400 features esoteric grade toroidal power supply and output transformers. These transformers were chosen for their outstanding reliability as well as extended frequency response (-3dB @ 30Hz - 16kHz via transformer output) Now you can have the peace of mind that systems specified with the CP400 will have true transformer output isolation, a feature that previously may not have been affordable due to the cost of quality external transformers. The CP400's two independent channels ensure maximum channel separation and ultra low distortion figures while providing years of faithful service. Whether your application is a large distributed constant voltage sound system or a high SPL sound reinforcement system, the Atlas Sound CP400 is the perfect answer for high power/low cost amplification needs.

TOA A-912MK2 8-Channel Mixer Amplifier

The TOA 900 Series is widely recognized as the industry standard in installed sound system amplification. When reliability and performance are critical - such as in paging and music distribution for airport, hospital, and industrial sound systems - you can count on the TOA 900 Series to perform consistently, day-in and day-out. The A-903MK2 (30 W), A-906MK2 (60W) and A-912MK2 (120W) Modular Mixer/Amplifiers are engineered for high performance with wide frequency response, very low noise and distortion, and excellent output regulation. Eight module slots allow you to easily configure custom configurations choosing from over fifty TOA plug-in modules with an extensive array of features and connector types. You can increase the input capacity by connecting a second mixer or mixer/amplifier to the rear-panel Bridge In/Out jack. Outputs include transformer isolated 25V, 70V and 8 ohm plus a direct low-impedance mode if non-transformer operation is required. Multiple paging priorities are easily configured using optional mute-type modules activated by external switch-closure or mute-send modules. Pre-Out/Power-In jacks allow connection of external signal processing between the mixer and amplifier sections. Other features include protection circuitry, auxiliary output, bass/treble controls and remote master volume terminals. This system includes the MB-25B rack mounting kit for your convenience.

TOA TT-104B 304L Program Timer

The TOA TT-104B 304L is a program timer that comes with 4 outputs and controls 4 different broadcasts. With the included MB-15B rack-mounting bracket, it can be mounted in EIA Standard equipment (occupying 1 unit size).

Atlas Sound AP-S15A 15A Power Conditioner and Distribution Unit

The AP-S15A features noise filtering for unwanted Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) that is commonly introduced into AC lines by nearby radio transmitters or wireless products. EMI filters are also incorporated to reduce noise from Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) generated by items such as electric motors and switching power supplies. Unstable AC Mains voltage is one of the main reasons for equipment failure. The amount of energy that can be injected into the power system can be immense with voltages reaching 6kV or amperage peaks of 3000A. These spikes are very fast and usually only last for a very short period of time. The AP-S15A's circuitry is very fast and can suppress unwanted energy within a nanosecond response and sustain the suppression up to 2 milliseconds. The AP-S15A includes a 12 foot removable IEC cord with retainer.

TOA PM-660U Desktop PTT Paging Microphone

TOA’s PM-660U is an elegantly styled, compact desk microphone for use in public address, paging and radio communication systems. Ideal applications include restaurants, offices, warehouses, transportation terminals, dispatch centers and entertainment facilities. Its smooth, natural response provides high-quality voice reproduction and excellent articulation to enhance the overall performance of your system. Compact and lightweight, the PM-660U requires a minimum of desk or counter space and is easy to handle. To significantly reduce background noise and feed-back, the PM-660U features a cardioid pick-up pattern that is uniform over the entire frequency range. The dynamic microphone element has a 600 ohm balanced output and the microphone is supplied with an attached 8.2’, four-conductor cable with stripped wire ends. Two conductors are shielded and are dedicated for the microphone signal. The other two unshielded conductors connect to an auxiliary, normally-open switch contact, used to activate external muting, priority or relay control circuits. The auxiliary switch contact is closed by using the push-to-talk bar, which also turns on the microphone by opening a second set of contacts that normally short the mic element. A locking lever is provided to keep the push-to-talk bar in the “on” position when the microphone must be kept open for an extended period.

TOA PM-222U Noise-Cancelling Paging Microphone

The PM-222U is a close-talking microphone for making general announcements. It comes with a talk switch that can be locked. It is provided with the function to remotely control both the amplifier power and chime operation.

Atlas Sound AT100 Plate Mounted 100W Attenuators

The Atlas Sound AT100 plate mounted attenuator is part of a high-quality auto transformer series that provides the advantages of excellent frequency response, low insertion loss and reliable performance for volume control applications in 25 and 70.7-volt systems. Attenuation is accomplished in ten make before break steps plus positive off position. (No stop between maximum and off position to prevent switch damage). Contacts are silver plated for noise-free operation. Features a removable terminal block, and comes complete with white and ivory plastic plates with matching skirted knobs.

Raxxess ER-8-18 8U 18" Deep Economy Rack

The Raxxess ER-8-18 is an 8 unit space economy rack with 18" depth. More than 5/8" medium density fiberboard is covered with black oak laminate for an attractive finish that will match your existing equipment and racks. This is an affordable solution to any audio setup.



Atlas Sound SD72W-KIT Ceiling Speaker Kit with CS95-8 Enclosures and 81-8R Tile Bridges:

  • 10oz Dual Cone Speaker Provides Familiar Response & Performance
  • Attractive CRS White Powder Coat Baffle
  • Individually Packaged for Stocking & Ordering Convenience
  • Quality 5 Watt-Dual Voltage Transformer
  • ETL Certified, Safety Listed to UL1480 and UL2043
  • Atlas Sound AP-15T Horn Loudspeakers
  • Grey Finish
  • Environment Resistant for Outdoor and Indoor Use
  • High-Efficiency Driver with Proven Performance Reliability
  • Omni-Purpose® Bracket for Precise Positioning
  • Superior Intelligibility for Voice and Tone Signaling
  • Transformer Equipped for Versatile 25, 70.7, or 100V Line Applications
  • World Recognized for Quality and Dependability

Atlas Sound CP400 Dual Channel Power Amplifier:

  • 25V, 70.7V, 100V, and direct coupled outputs mounted on barrier strips with covers for safety
  • Balanced inputs on barrier strip and XLR connectors
  • Dual-speed, high-efficiency fan cooling
  • Loop through feature on male XLRs, one per channel input
  • Power-up muting
  • Short-circuit, temperature, and DC offset protection
  • Soft clip limiter protection
  • Stepped attenuators mounted on the rear for security
  • Stereo, bridge, or parallel operating modes selectable via rear mounted switch
  • Toroidal output transformers provide full electrical isolation

TOA A-912MK2 8-Channel Mixer Amplifier:

  • Modular Eight Channel Mixer Amplifier
  • Engineered for High Performance
  • Eight Module Slots
  • 25V, 70V and 8 Ohm Transformer-Isolated Speaker Outputs
  • Direct Low-Impedance Output Mode
  • Dual Mute Bus
  • External Mute Terminals
  • Remote Master Volume
  • Individual Channel and Master
  • Volume Controls
  • Bass/Treble Tone Controls
  • Auxiliary Output
  • Turn-On Delay
  • Volume Control Security Knobs
  • Included (4) Optional Rack-Mount Kits

TOA TT-104B 304L Program Timer:

  • 4 Independent output channels
  • Weekly program capacity is 30 steps per channel, and each step can be programmed in 1-minute units
  • A channel assignment switch turns B, C and D outputs into A output
  • Programming, its change or cancellation can be performed easily and precisely through individual key operation and display
  • Setting the pause mode allows no program output to be delivered
  • Output is a no-voltage make contact that connects for 5 seconds at the programmed time
  • Built-in buzzer audibly warns the user of key operation error
  • Monthly error is ±5 seconds at 25°C (77°F) of ambient temperature
  • Clock and stored programs can be maintained for approximately 100 hours in the event of power outage

Atlas Sound AP-S15A 15A Power Conditioner and Distribution Unit:

  • 9 Total Outlets
  • 8 Rear Panel Outlets: 7 Switched and 1 Unswitched
  • 1 Front Panel Outlet, Unswitched
  • Radio Frequency and Electromagnetic Interference Filtering
  • Circuit Breaker Protection @ 15A
  • Spike Suppression Up to 6000V
  • Removable 12' IEC Cord

TOA PM-660U Desktop PTT Paging Microphone:

  • Cardioid dynamic element
  • Elegant, space-saving integral stand design
  • Push-to-talk bar with locking lever
  • Extra switch contact for mute or relay control
  • Five year warranty

TOA PM-222U Noise-Cancelling Paging Microphone:

  • Noise-canceling for high noise environments
  • Lock-on push-to-talk switch for continuous use
  • Pig-tail cord with external control contacts and conductors
  • Mounting sleeve included for wall-mounting
  • Five year warranty

Atlas Sound AT100 Plate Mounted 100W Attenuator:

  • 10 attenuation steps plus positive off
  • Mount into most 1-gang E.O. boxes
  • UL Listed
  • Wall plates are stainless steel with stamped and filled dial scale and a skirted black knob

Raxxess ER-8-18 8U 18" Deep Economy Rack:

  • 8U, 18" deep economy rack 
  • Finished in Black laminate
  • Ships knocked down and is quick to assemble
System Includes

System Includes

  • (12) Atlas Sound SD72W-KIT Ceiling Speaker Kits
    • (12) CS95-8 Enclosures and (12) 81-8R Tile Bridges
  • (8) Atlas Sound AP-15T Horn Loudspeakers
  • (1) Atlas Sound CP400 Dual Channel Power Amplifier
  • (1) TOA A-912MK2 8-Channel Mixer Amplifier
  • (1) TOA TT-104B 304L Program Timer
  • (1) Atlas Sound AP-S15A 15A Power Conditioner and Distribution Unit
  • (1) TOA PM-660U Desktop PTT Paging Microphone
  • (1) TOA PM-222U Noise-Cancelling Paging Microphone
  • (4) Atlas Sound AT100 Plate Mounted 100W Attenuators
  • (1) Raxxess ER-8-18 8U 18" Deep Economy Rack
  • (2) TOA ML-11T Switchable Mic Line Inputs
  • (1) TOA U-11R Unbalanced Line Input with Mute-Receive
  • (2) TOA S-04S Switch-Selectable Tone Generators
  • (1) TOA S-02S Buzzer/Yelp Tone Generator
  • (1) TOA T-12S Unbalanced Line Input with Music-On-Hold Output and Input Mute-Receive
  • (1) Raxxess SFG-1 1U Steel Blank Flanged Panel
  • (1) TOA MB-15B Rack Mount Kit (for TT-104B)
  • (1) TOA MB-25B Rack Mount Kit (for A-912MK2)
  • (25pc) Raxxess PTSW25 Rack Screws and Washers
  • (100') CBI C222S 22/2 Twisted Pair Shielded Microphone Cable
  • (1000') West Penn 225 16/2 Non-Plenum Audio Speaker Wire

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