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Peavey Church Sound System Flyable Speakers, Wireless Microphone with 3 FREE Mics
Peavey Church Sound System Flyable Speakers, Wireless Microphone with 3 FREE Mics
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Peavey Church Sound System – This sound system is perfect for the medium size church that needs high quality equipment with features that also simplify operation.

This Package Includes:
(2) Peavey SSE 15 Speaker
(1) Peavey S-24 Mixer 21 Channel
(1) DBX Driverack PA+ Equalizer System
(1) Peavey PV 1500 Power Amplifier 500 Watts
(1) Peavey PM 18S Podium Microphone
(3) Pure Resonance Audio UC1S Microphones
(1) Peavey PCX U-12 Pro Comm Lavalier System

The SSE 15 is designed for professional permanent installations where cabinets must be flown in order to cover as much area as possible. The SSE 15 is designed for arraying on stage, churches auditoriums or theme parks. The horn has a coverage pattern of 90° in the horizontal axis and 40° in the vertical axis. The highs are generated using the highly acclaimed Peavey 14XT titanium compression driver.

The S-24 Sanctuary Series is a 21 channel mixing console specifically designed to meet the needs of churches, schools and public venues. The S-24 mixing system meets challenges by incorporating a unique set of features which not only make it easier to achieve outstanding sound quality, but also simplify normal operation. In many applications, the S-24 can simply be pre-set, leaving the mix to the system’s automatic circuitry.

The DriveRack PA+ is the next generation of the world’s most successful loudspeaker management system, the DriveRack PA. The new PA+ builds on this strong reputation by staying true to its predecessor while providing more great features and improved functionality.
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Peavey SSE 15 Speaker:
- Two-way sound reinforcement enclosure.
- Designed for permanent install.
- Full-range, wide-band production from 74 Hz to 17 kHz.
- Available in three finishes: black, off-white or natural.
- Peavey Scorpion® Pro 1500+ 15" woofer with 2.5" (64 mm) voice coil.
- Peavey 14XT™ titanium diaphragm compression driver.
- Sound Guard™ IV tweeter protection network.
- Seven flying points (six 3/8" for suspension and one 1/4" for angle adjustment).
Peavey S-24 Mixer 21 Channel:
- 21 channel mixing console specifically designed to meet the needs of churches, schools and public venues.
- A compression circuit on these patent-pending channels helps keep things from getting too loud, and 18 dB/octave low-cut filters remove rumble and handling noise.
- All channels have three band equalization, assignment selection, mute and post-fader sends to Monitor 1 and Monitor 2.
- The first 18 channels also have sends to the internal effects. LEDs light to show the presence of signal and the status of the channel.
- The microphone preamps use our highly acclaimed low noise discrete transistor circuitry.
DBX Driverack PA+ Equalizer System:
- Stereo Feedback Elimination with 12 feedback notch filters.
- Dual 28-band Graphic EQ.
- Classic dbx® Compressor.
- 120A Sub-harmonic Synthesizer.
- 2x3, 2x4, 2x5, 2x6 Crossover Configurations.
- Stereo Multi-band Parametric EQ.
- Stereo Output Limiters.
- Alignment Delay.
- Pink Noise Generator.
- Auto-EQ with 28-band RTA.
- JBL® Speaker and Crown Power Amp Tunings with Setup Wizard.
- 25 User Programs/25 Factory Programs.
- 2 Channel XLR Input and 6 Channel XLR Output.
- Front panel RTA-M XLR input with phantom power.
- 24-Bit ADC/24-Bit DAC, >110 dB Dynamic Range.
- Full Graphic LCD Display.
- Built-in speaker and amplifier settings have been updated to include all current JBL® speaker lines.
- A USB connection now allows users to easily update speaker and amp settings.
- Auto Level™ Wizard has been added as part of the setup process.
- Titanium silver color scheme and a bright LCD screen give a fresh, updated look.
- Fulltime RTA is now included so that experienced users can tune their systems on their own.
- New power on/off mute circuitry for softer and safer power cycling.
- Front panel mute buttons make system troubleshooting faster and easier.
Peavey PV 1500 Power Amplifier 500 Watts:
- 2-rack-space stereo power amp featuring DDT protection.
- Two built-in 150 Hz crossovers.
- 500 watts (rms) per channel at 4 ohms.
- 300 watts (rms) per channel at 8 ohms.
- Separate Speakon® mono bridge output.
- Two-speed demand-sensitive fan.
Pure Resonance Audio UC1S Microphone:
- Frequency response tailored for vocals.
- Uniform cardioid (unidirectional) dynamic pickup pattern isolates the main sound source and minimizes background noise.
- Dependable quality, ruggedness and reliability.
- Supplied with break-resistant stand adapter.
- Frequency response: 50 to 16,000 Hz.
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