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Bose Band Sound System L1™ Model II Single Bass Package
Bose Band Sound System L1™ Model II Single Bass Package
Part No: Bose-L1 Band
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The Bose Band Sound System is a versatile full range loudspeaker system designed to ensure that every component is compact and portable, but does not compromise the power of the system.

System Includes:
(1) Bose L1 Column Arrays
(1) Bose B1 Bass Module
(1) Bose T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine
Sennheiser EW 500-935 G3 Wireless Handheld Microphone
(1) Ultimate Support JS-MCTB200 Microphone Stand

The Bose Band Sound System is more than just a speaker system – this is a completely different approach to live sound. Start with the new L1™ Model II system for our smoothest, most consistent sound coverage. Add the T1 ToneMatch™ audio engine, and you get access to powerful new tone-shaping technologies available only from Bose. The result is a system that takes the guesswork out of getting exceptional tone and fills the room with your sound in a way no ordinary speaker can. All from our most compact and portable L1 system ever.

The new T1 ToneMatch™ audio engine features advanced tone-shaping technologies available only from Bose. Customized ToneMatch™ presets instantly bring you closer to the true sound of your voice or instrument, and proprietary zEQ takes the guesswork out of fine-tuning your tone.

With these advanced ToneMatch™ technologies, the high level of tone customization most musicians experience only in a recording studio is now available on stage at your live performances. Add a complete suite of studio class effects and processing, and the T1 ToneMatch audio engine makes it easier than ever to dial in your signature sound.
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Bose® L1™ Model II Single Bass Package
- Recommended for most instruments and vocalists
- Spatial Dispersion™ and Articulated Array® speaker technologies
- Single-input power stand with retractable legs
- Four-channel ToneMatch® audio engine with studio-class effects
- One B1 bass module included
Bose® B1™ Bass Module
- Bass support for L1 Model I Cylindrical Radiator loudspeaker
- 2 high-output, high-excursion 6-1/2" drivers
- Light and compact
- Connects to the L1 Model I Power Stand with a single cable
Bose® T1 ToneMatch™ Audio Engine
- Digital multichannel mixer designed for use with Bose® L1® sound systems
- Features over 100 proprietary ToneMatch presets for instruments and microphones
- Includes Bose zEQ, storable scenes and a suite of studio-class effects
- Presets and firmware updates available free online
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