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Shure 512 Headset Microphone
Shure 512 Headset Microphone
Part No: 512
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Shure 512 Headset Microphone - The 512 microphone was designed for sports and news announcing, intercommunications systems and special events remote broadcasting.

The 512 microphone was designed for sports and news announcing, intercommunications systems and special events remote broadcasting. It offers convenient hands-free operation and a lightweight frame to reduce user fatigue. The unidirectional pickup pattern reduces unwanted background noise, permitting its use in noisy environments. The microphone characteristics are tightly controlled resulting in consistent response and output and the headphone response is tailored to enhance voice intelligibility.

The headband easily adjusts to fit a variety of head sizes and hairstyles, and the microphone boom can be adjusted to accurately place the microphone cartridge at the corner of the user's mouth. The microphone is supplied with a foam windscreen to reduce explosive "popping" sounds and a cable clip to secure the cable to clothing.

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Commercial Audio
Pro Audio
Pro Recording
Features [Open] [Close]
- Ideal for voice recognition or communication in production environments.
- Cardioid dynamic.
- Frequency response: 50 to 15,000 Hz.
- 512 with single earpiece and attached cables, includes foam windscreen and cable clip.
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Product TypeHeadset Microphone
TypeDynamic, close-talking
Frequency Response (at 8 mm 5/16 in.)50 to 15,000 Hz
Polar PatternCardioid (unidirectional) response uniform with frequency, symmetrical about axis
ImpedanceMic rating impedance is 150Ohms (200Ohms actual) for connection to mic inputs rated at 19 to 300Ohms
Output Level (closed-talked at 1,000 Hz)Specifications
Open-circuit voltage47.0 dB (4.5 mV) 0 dB=1 volt per 100 microbars
Power Level-66.0 dB, 0 dB=1 milliwatt per 10 microbars
Hum Sensitivity (typical)38.4 dB equivalent SPL in 1 millioersted field
PolarityPositive pressure on diaphragm produces positive voltage on red lead and pin 2 of connector
TypeDynamic, open-air, left side only
Frequency Response100 to 10,000 Hz, tailored for voice intelligibility
Impedance300 Ohms at 1,000 Hz
PolarityPositive voltage on cable conductor produces positive pressure
Output Level (at 1,000 Hz)94 dB SPL at ear with 1 mW input
HeadsetStainless steel and thermoplastic with foam earpads
Net Weight186 Grams (6.5 oz.) Including Connectors
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