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Why You Keep Blowing Speakers and How to Protect Them

By Robin Rowell in Ask An Engineer, Audio & Technical 101, Commonly Asked Questions
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Do you ever wonder why your speakers keep blowing?


This can be more than a minor annoyance: blown speakers can cost you time, money, and precious sound quality. It’s not always a cut-and-dry case for determining if a speaker is blown or not, but you can follow a few of these tips to diagnose a speaker that’s gone awry.

ListenTALK: A Guided Tour and Assistive Listening Solution For All

By Joshua Yearwood in New Product Releases, Audio & Technical 101
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Whether you are giving a guided tour or need to provide your customers with an assistive listening system, ListenTALK is the answer. ListenTALK systems are a crisp, clean, clear and reliable solution. ListenTALK offers a one-to-one, one-to-many or two-to-many talk-back communication system designed with the professional in mind. Overcome ambient noise and acoustic challenges with ease by implementing a ListenTALK solution.

Everything You Need to Know About Sound Masking and Speech Privacy

By Joshua Yearwood in Audio & Technical 101
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Speech privacy is a very real concern in the modern workplace. Open floor plan designs and a lack of sound absorbing materials such as carpets and partitions are exacerbating the problem. Employees are losing up to 86 minutes of their work time due to distractions and speech privacy is the #1 driver of workplace dissatisfaction.  Sound masking systems are the perfect solution to help protect speech privacy, reduce distractions and increase productivity in the workplace. Sound masking systems work by emitting an unobtrusive background sound that raises the spaces ambient noise level. This background sound is specially tuned to the same levels as human speech. This helps to reduce the possibility of an unintended listener to understand an outside conversation.

What is Audio Feedback and How Can I Fix it?

By Jennifer Slattery in Audio & Technical 101, Commonly Asked Questions
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Howls, squeaks, even roars – Those uncomfortable noises that make you cringe and cover your ears. Audio feedback can be a real pest, and ruin great musical performances and speeches. But why does it happen? And how can you prevent it?

5 Myths About Wireless Microphones

By Jennifer Slattery in Audio & Technical 101
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Wireless microphones can be a great option for many applications including live stage performances, public speaking events, lectures and other situations where freedom to move around is needed. But wireless isn't always better and does require specific equipment to ensure it functions properly and is taken care of for long-term use. Check out these common 5 myths about wireless microphones to learn what's fact and fiction, and decide if wireless is right for your application.

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