Choosing a stadium sound system that suits your outdoor space, gives you the features you desire, and stays within your budget can be overwhelming. Luckily our engineers have pre-configured a wide variety of public address and athletic field sound systems, making it easy to pick and purchase the perfect complete audio solution.

Many of these systems have been tailored specifically for stadiums, football fields, soccer fields, racetracks and other outdoor athletic environments utilizing our world-class stadium speaker manufacturers such as JBL, Atlas Sound and Community Loudspeakers.

These manufacturers provide exceptional all-weather speaker solutions that can be mounted on the press box, lighting poles or scoreboards, delivering consistent high-performance audio ideal for play-by-play announcements where vocal clarity and wide coverage is essential. For example, the Community's R.25-94Z 8" Two Way Horn-Loaded Loudspeaker delivers high-quality voice and music reproduction in applications requiring extreme weather resistance such as softball fields.

All of our pre-configured systems are ready to perform right out of the box, or can be used as a starting point for a more customized solution.

Need Customization?
If you are looking for a more custom sound option, then there are three components of a stadium sound system to consider: input sources (microphones, MP3, etc.), output sources (speakers) and portability.

Input Sources
Sporting events will require the right type of microphones, generally announcer microphones or wireless microphones for the Star-Spangled Banner, etc. Announcers may also like to use a push to talk microphone to control their conversation with spectators or a head-worn microphone.

MP3 players or laptops can also be used with stadium systems but may require a more intricate style of mixer than you would use in a commercial or retail space.

Output Sources
The speakers used in a stadium situation may vary significantly. In some applications, more traditional speakers with a woofer and a high-frequency driver can be mounted to press-boxes for those nearby to hear clearly. However, traditional speakers may not necessarily give you long-throw distances down baselines or across football fields, so public address systems can optimize range by focusing in on vocal frequencies. This is great for announcements but limited for music. This is oftentimes why we incorporate full range, long-throw cabinets into our systems that can deliver fantastic sounding audio over extraordinary distances. These can be mounted on press-boxes, buildings, or even poles if needed.

Stadium systems are a little different from other complete sound systems because sometimes a system needs to be portable; whether the speakers are permanently set up and the audio equipment moves around, or the entire system must be easily mobile. In those applications we can add carrying cases for the gear, as well as wall-plates for a weather-proof box where the speakers can plug in. We have also pre-designed a few portable sound systems to choose from.

Pro Acoustics offers completely free audio consultations and fully customized sound system design from an experienced sales engineer.

Check out a couple of reviews directly from our customers:

Atlas Sound FS12T-SUB 12″ Multipurpose Low-Frequency Horn Loudspeaker System

“We ordered this product in the summer of 2016 for our football field.  They have worked great and give a loud and true sound.  We are very pleased with the performance they have given us.”

– Randy

Atlas Sound FS Series 12 inch 2 Way Arena Horn Loudspeaker

“We put two of these at our Football field and they work great.  The cheerleaders play music through them and it sounds wonderful. Easy to install”

– Comet

Community R.35-3896 8 inch 3-Way Horn-Loaded Loudspeaker

Amazing speakers for the price we paid.  Nathan helped us with the selection and for them in black for us as well.  Once we installed them outside the press box we could hear the difference immediately. Although they were tricky to install due to the weight of them, the brackets held them securely.

– Craig

Community R.25-94Z 8 inch 2-Way Horn-Loaded Loudspeaker

We installed these speakers for a Long Island, NY high school baseball program. They’ve worked great and have received many compliments from other schools that have come to play us. Our fans enjoy the music and announcements during our games. It’s been a great addition to our field. The customer service for this product was excellent as well. Very knowledgeable and responded quickly to our installation questions.

– Rich