Oftentimes, when we design a system for a commercial or retail space, we deal with a number of speakers and varying sizes of space. Just like sound systems, no two spaces are the same. As a result, it becomes necessary to cater the operation of your sound system to your space and your needs. One way to easily personalize your system is to create independent zones using volume controls, that allow you to tailor the audio of your space to meet the needs of your clientele and ambiance. In creating zones, we are ultimately talking about two types of zones: volume zones and input zones.

A volume zone means that we have independent control over a certain speaker or group of speakers. In this system, we can turn up or down the speakers on the outdoor patio area without affecting the volume for the people inside.

An input zone, however, means that we can actually change the source of the audio for a group of speakers. With this system, we can put the ball game on in the back bar area but have soothing background music playing in the lobby.

So what does a volume control look like?
The volume control is a “dimmer” for your group of speakers. But, much like the wiring of your home’s lights, the speaker cables have to be run to the volume control not to the amplifier. The volume control is powered by the amplifier first, not the speakers.

So, is there a limit to how many volume controls you can add?
No. In fact, in many commercial spaces, we can add a volume control for every single speaker, if desired. An office building may want a speaker in each room with a volume control, allowing the resident to mute the music on an important call or vice versa.

Volume controls also come in rack-mounted versions for tighter control over who you want to have access to the volume control, or even locking volume controls for higher security spaces.

We offer hundreds of volume controls with operations as unique as you and your needs.


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