We’ve been working hard to develop an affordable but still high-quality wireless microphone system specifically designed for educators; One that was both technically sound to produce quality voice amplification, and stylistically appealing for comfortable daily use.

We’re thrilled to finally introduce the Pure Resonance Audio Micro20™ Amplified 2.4G Digital Wireless Microphone System.

This Pure Resonance Audio Micro20™ system is a low-cost and easy to install, amplified digital wireless microphone system with a 2.4G wireless receiver, a 2.4 ghz pendant microphone and a 2.4 ghz neck-worn collar microphone. Unparalled performance to anything else on the market, the Mirco20™ is ideal for educational environments such as k-12 and university classrooms, lecture halls, study halls and labs, as well as other instructional environments such as AV flex rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, or any other room where clear wireless communication is required.

Pure Resonance Audio Micro20™ Amplified 2.4G Digital Wireless Microphone System

We know that freedom of movement in the classroom is extremely important, and holding a microphone, or dealing with a clunky wired pack and headset that only transmits well in certain areas of the room can make teaching and learning difficult.

With the Micro20TP Pendant Microphone and the Micro20TC Neck-Worn Collar Microphone, your voice amplification problems are solved. Our comfortable and lightweight hands-free microphone system creates maximum versatility and freedom to move around the room, not only giving you total freedom to interact with students, but also delivering your natural-sounding voice in great clarity and stability.

The microphones also feature built-in rechargeable lithium batteries with over 4 hours of working time, a low-voltage alarm, charging indicator, and an energy saving battery charger that shuts down automatically when batteries are fully charged. You can use one microphone while the other charges, ensuring you'll always have a mic ready to go before each class.

We also know that the better students can hear you, the better they can focus on you and comprehend your material, so we ensured a clear and constant wireless connection with the Micro20R 2.4G Wireless Receiver.

The Micro20R wireless receiver is equipped with encrypted digital transmission and strong anti-interference technology eliminating feedback for clear, intelligible sound. Each receiver is also assigned a unique ID code, allowing multiple microphones to function in the same space without interference. Our patented microphone technology maintains a constant 360° connection to the receiver, so no matter where you go in the room your connection will never be lost.

The Pure Resonance Micro20™ Wireless Microphone System can be paired with the Pure Resonance Audio SD4 SuperDispersion Ceiling Speaker Array or the Pure Resonance Audio VCA8 Vector Ceiling Speaker Array for an affordable and powerful sound system with exceptional audio and user-friendly capabilities. The SD4 and VCA8 speakers are easy to install fitting into 2’x2’ or 2’x4’ ceiling tile grids and provide amazing 360 degrees of hemispheric sound.

Interested in enhancing your classroom sound environment? You can learn more about the Pure Resonance Audio Micro20™ Amplified 2.4G Digital Wireless Microphone System here.