ListenTALK systems are a crisp, clean, clear and reliable solution. The small and lightweight ListenTALK systems are a breeze to set up and offer a natural solution to many communication problems. Ambient noise and acoustic challenges are easily overcome. Whether you are giving a guided tour or need to provide your customers with an assistive listening system, ListenTALK is the answer. Below are just a few examples of where a ListenTALK system would be an ideal solution:

  • Education
  • Training and Collaboration
  • Houses of Worship
  • Tour Groups
  • Factories
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Movie Theaters
  • Auditoriums
  • Performance Events
  • Public Hearing Rooms
  • Retail Environments
  • Language Interpretation and Translation
  • And Many More

Listen Technologies ListenTalk system is a one-to-one, one-to-many or two-to-many talk-back communication system. Designed with the professional in mind, the ListenTALK systems provide an easy to use solution to transmit reliable communications. Users can collaborate and communicate in a natural and fluid way with exclusive encryption technology which ensures privacy. Easy to set up and use, this is a go-to out of box solution for simple, yet sophisticated, wireless communication.

ListenTALK Transceivers have a built-in microphone, light sensor to adjust display brightness, soft buttons that control pairing and talk back modes, and a large talk button. They also feature an easy to read display, on the front of the transceiver, that displays useful information like the group name and battery life. The headset port located on the top of the device is compatible with most smartphone earbuds. ListenTALK is designed to function as a leader or participant. By attaching a leader clip a unit becomes a leader unit. Up to two leaders can be designated per group. Groups are easy to set up and communication from the group is handled in a "speaking mic priority" fashion.

Give ListenTalk a try and you'll be sure to hear the difference! Call Pro Acoustics and get your ListenTalk system today.