Did you know our sales team is actually made up of expierance audio engineers? They not only know audio equipment like the back of their hands, they also help design it! So what better people to ask for a list of the best educational products on the market. After some deliberation, they came up with their top 8 favorite products for the education industry and explain why they made the cut. 

Pro Tip: When putting together a system or pairing products keep in mind you don’t always need to stay with the same brand or Manufacturer as long as your specifications and features are compatible. 

1. The SD4 SuperDispersion® Ceiling Speaker Array with the ListenPoint IR System from Pure Resonance Audio is ideal for training and classroom environments. Our team likes the simple control it gives teachers to easily change volume and select input sources without having to return to the desk or computer. When used as a microphone, the M1 Interface Kit can be worn three ways: lanyard, handheld or belt worn, providing an attractive and lightweight, ergonomic design allowing the user to focus on their presentation, not the technology.

2. Pure Resonance Audio's Micro20™ Amplified 2.4G Digital Wireless Microphone System is affordable and easy to install. It includes both a hands-free pendant microphone, and a lightweight neck-worn collar microphone with high-quality voice amplification and crystal-clear sound, making the Micro20™ ideal for teachers and instructors. The 2.4GHZ microphones maintain a 360º connection within 50 feet of the receiver, ensuring a consistently reliable signal.

3. Crown’s CDi1000 Amplifier is a very versatile amplifier with DSP functionality. It features a switch-mode universal power supply, useful function indicators, proportional-speed fan-assisted cooling, removable Phoenix-style inputs, barrier strip outputs for low-Z or 70V/140V loads, short-circuit protection and more. It is a rugged and lightweight model offering truly unmatched value in it’s class.

4. Alesis’s MultiMix 10 Wireless 10 Channel Rackmount Mixer is a great mixer because it is rack mountable and has a wireless Bluetooth channel. Our team likes it because it is compact and delivers ten-channel mixing in a neat 3U package perfect for small areas, as well as mobile/traveling systems. The front panel provides a variety of inputs for convenience and versatility.

5. The Denon Professional DN-333XAB Mixer Amplifier with Bluetooth Connectivity is recommended by our sales reps because it has a rackmount mic/line mixer with an integrated 120W amplifier, making it ideal for educational and athletic purposes. The output section offers detachable Euroblock 70V and 100V outputs with a 4-ohm transformer bypass output, as well as Chime, Alarm, and push-to-talk mic facilities.

6. Pure Resonance Audio's MA30BT 7 Channel Commercial Mixer-Amplifier with Bluetooth is a 7-channel mixer-amplifier with built-in 70V/100V transformer technology, 6-input solution and a built-in Bluetooth media player. Simple to operate and reliable, the MA30BT is great for background music and general announcements. The compact size and interface make this mixer-amp perfect for any space.

7. The Yamaha C115VA 2 Way Professional Loudspeaker is part of the acclaimed Concert Club V Series. Our team recommends this speaker not only because it can be used for a variety of applications from gyms to cafeterias to auditoriums, but it is super cost effective with stunning sound and easy to install. It includes built-in overload protection and dual Neutrik Speakon® ¼ jacks for the highest possible strength and current capacity.

8. Atlas Sound’s APX40TN Paging Loudspeaker is affordable, reliable and easy to use. Our sales reps believe you simply can’t go wrong here. This 40W paging loudspeaker can be used in hallways, cafeterias, gyms, or any other indoor spaces that require clear and pleasant paging/communication. It is also weatherproof and well-suited for outdoor spaces such as parking lots, or recreational areas. It features a rotating bell to achieve the perfect projection angle and a universal 25/70/100V transformer.

We hope you found this list from our sales reps helpful. If you have any questions regarding the products listed – or want more information about school sound systems and related products – give us a call at (888) 256-4112