Public Address and Alarm Emergency Evacuation Sound System with Alert Paging and Background Music

This TOA VM-3000 series all-in-one voice alarm emergency evacuation system is an integrated general announcement and emergency broadcast system. Provide effective paging and announcements as well as instructions for emergency evacuation in the event of a disaster.

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EN 54 Certified Voice Alarm Emergency Evacuation System

This TOA VM-3000 series voice alarm system is an integrated general announcement and emergency broadcast system. The voice alarm system amplifier that plays the central role in the system is the 240W version, VM-3240VA. Using this amplifier in conjunction with the VM-3240E (240W) extension amplifiers allows larger systems to be built for sizable applications. 

Distributing Clear Paging and BGM Sound

For paging to be effective, announcements must be audible. Broadcasting at the proper volume (about 15 dB higher than the ambient noise level) and frequency range (bandwidth of approx. 200 to 7kHz, which distinguishes the consonants and vowels) ensures that the announcements can be heard clearly. The key considerations of designing a good system are clear sound, correct functions, ease of installation and maintenance, durability and reliability, and flexibility for future expansion and changes.

Paging Functions and BGM (Background Music) Functions

The purpose of announcements is to quickly and accurately relay information and messages needed in particular locations. Large facilities like factories are divided into functional areas, each with its required announcements needed. In order for different announcements to be made simultaneously in multiple areas, the sound system needs a matrix function of voice inputs and outputs, including a separate speaker zone for each area and microphones that allow broadcasting zone selection. Background music (BGM), much like architecture, design, lighting, and space, is used to create a comfortable atmosphere in line with the particular needs of the facility. In factories and offices, the productivity can be increased by background music. BGM must also automatically decrease in volume to give priority to important announcements and emergency messages.

Broadcasting an Effective Voice Alarm in an Emergency

Human life is the most important issue in any case. Therefore, the method of risk management and safety control must be considered and provided. Facilities with safety systems give people a sense of security. This voice alarm system provides comfort and reduces the loss of life and property in a disaster. In case of a disaster such as a fire, the sound system will give instructions for emergency evacuation. Such an emergency notice must interrupt other announcements and be given at a volume loud enough to be heard. A good voice alarm system functions effectively under various contingencies. Circuits are protected against breakdown, the system is automatically monitored at all times, and backup functions are in place. Since disasters are often accompanied by power failures, the system can be operated with emergency power sources, such as batteries. In the event of a disaster, the system can deliver pre-recorded emergency announcements in accordance with smoke detectors and other warning systems.



Overall System Features:

  • Combined functions of Paging, BGM and Voice Alarm
  • Speaker zone grouping and selection
  • Programmable priority order among audio inputs
  • Pre-recorded message storage and tone signal generator
  • Integration capability with Fire Alarm, Telephone, CCTV, and Access Control systems
  • System surveillance for failure redundancy and switch-over
  • Emergency broadcast operation with battery power supply in case of power failure
  • Failure and event logging with PC connection
  • EN 54 Certification for Public Address and Voice Alarm


Emergency Functions:

  • Continuous speaker line monitoring without interruption of BGM distribution or paging announcements
  • Complete fault detection and indication
  • Off-site log check capability via LAN
  • Built-in and remote Fireman’s Microphones
  • Built-in voice alarm message
  • 2-Phase voice alarm message (Alert and Evacuation) broadcasting


Paging Functions:

  • 2 Remote Microphones interface lines
  • Paging (All zones/Group/Individually)
  • Max. 13 MIC/LINE Inputs (VM-3240VA: 4 MIC/LINE Inputs)
  • 2 BGM Inputs
  • Up to 4 Fireman’s/Remote Microphone connectable (max. 2 Fireman’s Microphones)
  • Max. 2400W output power
  • Max. 60 assignable speaker zone outputs (6 outputs per amplifier)
  • Volume setting possible for each zone
  • Max. 80 control inputs and outputs
  • Digital audio processed and controlled
  • Full digital audio mixing (DSP)
System Includes

System Includes

  • (24) TOA SC-630TU UL Rated Paging Horn Speakers with Transformers
  • (30) TOA PC-580RU 8" 70V In-Ceiling Speakers
  • (1) TOA VM-3240VA 240W Voice Alarm System Amplifier 
  • (2) TOA VM-3240E 240W VM Extension Amplifiers 
  • (1) TOA DT-930 AM/FM Stereo Tuner 
  • (1) Furman CN-2400S 20 Amp Bidirectional Remote Sequencer 
  • (1) TOA VX-2000DS AMQ Emergency Power Supply
  • (1) TOA PM-660U Desktop PTT Paging Microphone
  • (1) TOA RM-300MF Fireman's Microphone
  • (1) TOA RM-200M Remote Microphone
  • (1) Gator GRW2018508 18U 21" Deep Sectional Wall Rack with Steel Door
  • (5) Gator GRW-PNLPRF1 1U Perforated Flanged Panels 
  • (1) TOA MB-15B Rackmount Kit (for DT-930 Tuner)
  • (30) TOA HY-BC580 Back Cans for PC-580RU Speakers
  • (5000 ft) West Penn 25225B 16/2 Plenum Speaker Cable
  • (500 ft) West Penn 25291B Flexible Twisted Pair Plenum Audio Cable

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