Public Address Sound System with 3 Atlas Sound FS12T-94 Arena Horns and 400W Mixer Amplifier

This public address sound system comes equipped with 3 Atlas Sound FS12T-94 horn loudspeakers that are designed to deliver exceptional coverage and sound quality in multiple indoor and outdoor applications with robust all-weather products made to run 24/7 365.

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Indoor Outdoor Public Address Sound System

This cost-effective public address sound system is designed for settings where vocal clarity and coverage are essential, providing excellent voice intelligibility and paging for indoor and outdoor sound system applications. Fully weather-resistant for reliable operation in demanding environmental and weather conditions. This sound system is perfect for public areas such as athletic fields, theme parks, arenas, indoor outdoor public areas, parking lots, public venues, rail terminal stations, public buildings, parks, recreational areas and more. This system includes three Atlas Sound FS12T-94 robust all-weather horns, suitable for music and speech, an Atlas Sound AA400PHD 400W mixer amplifier, a Pure Resonance UC1S dynamic vocal microphone with on/off switch, an Atlas Sound DS7E desktop mic stand and 500 ft of aquaseal speaker wire for outdoor installation.

Atlas Sound FS12T-94 12" 2-Way Multi-Purpose Horn 90° x 40° Loudspeakers

The FS12T-94 is a two-way, full-range loudspeaker system engineered to provide excellent voice and music reproduction in applications requiring weather resistance. It was designed to withstand exposure to environmental conditions and provide long-lasting reliability. It incorporates a 12" LF driver and 1" exit HF compression driver concentrically mounted to a high-directivity waveguide. It provides 90° x 40° coverage and is tuned for optimal source reproduction. The unit is constructed using molded linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), creating an incredibly strong yet lightweight enclosure. The unit includes a stainless steel U-bracket and fly-points allowing for easy mounting. Input is via an integrated 70.7V transformer with low insertion loss and full frequency response with power taps up to 400-watts including an 8Ω bypass. The transformer is discretely mounted under the rear cover for weather protection. The finish is neutral “battle ship grey” that is UV resistant and allows for years of durability.

Atlas Sound AA400PHD 6-Input 400W Mixer Amplifier

The AA400PHD is a six input channel mixer amplifier designed for distributed business paging and background music (BGM) systems, medium to large speech privacy systems, and in applications where music on hold (MOH) plus paging is required. With four microphone/line input and two stereo line inputs, the AA400PHD will accommodate a variety of input sources including paging microphones, media players, and digital music receivers. The AA400PHD includes a patent pending automatic system test, the Push Here Diagnostic® (PHD). The PHD button is designed to check the connected loudspeaker lines for wiring and impedance errors. This test can be activated once all loudspeakers are connected and the circuit automatically verifies that the attached loudspeakers' tap settings do not exceed the amplifier's rated power, no loudspeakers are mistakenly tapped at 8Ω, and the loudspeaker wire is free from shorts.

Pure Resonance Audio UC1S Ultra-Clear Dynamic Vocal Microphone with On/Off Switch

The Pure Resonance UC1S Ultra-Clear™ dynamic vocal microphone delivers ultra clear audio at an affordable price. Excellent value and great performance. The UC1S Microphone is perfect for vocal use in schools, houses of worship, corporate AV, theater, fixed installations and more. It maintains a true cardioid pattern throughout its frequency range making it an ideal choice for professional sound reinforcement, studio recording, broadcasting, vocals and spoken word applications. The frequency response is tailored for vocals with a presence rise in the mid-range. Great for any application where you need a cost-effective, durable and great sound. Rugged construction, super heavy-duty switch and connector with built-in wind and breath "pop" noise filter. Includes break-resistant stand adapter. A Heavy-duty housing, ultra-dependable quiet switch, steel mesh grille and a SwitchCraft connector ensure that it will consistently perform for all outdoor and indoor events.

Atlas Sound DS7 Adjustable Height Desktop Mic Stand

The Atlas Sound DS7 adjustable height desktop mic stand is a versatile stand that may be adjusted from 8" to 13" and includes a grip-action clutch and ebony-finished cast iron base. The DS-7 features chrome-plated tubing, while the DS-7E has an ebony tubing. The Atlas Sound microphone stands meet functional and aesthetic requirements for microphone support and placement within contemporary and traditional decors. The extensive selection includes models for use on banquet and meeting room consoles, courtroom and dispatcher desks, sports/recreation booths, church pulpits, and telephone switchboards.



Atlas Sound FS12T-94 12" 2-Way Multipurpose Horn 90° x 40° Loudspeakers:

  • All-Weather Construction Ensures Long-Term Reliability Through Varying Seasons
  • 400 Watts Power Handling
  • Constant Directivity Design Offers Controlled Coverage of 90º Horizontal by 40º Vertical (2kHz Octave Band)
  • Driver Compliment Includes 12" Cast Frame Woofer with a Concentrically Mounted 1" Exit Compression Driver
  • Easy, Weather Resistant Connection via a Convenient Recessed Terminal Block Located on the Back of the Loudspeaker
  • Includes a Built-In, High Efficiency 400 Watt 70.7V Transformer
  • Four Eyebolt Inserts for Multiple Mounting Capabilities
  • Heavy Duty Mounting Bracket (Included) Allows for Easy Installation to Most Any Flat Surface
  • Easy Service Design Allows Transducers to be Serviced in the Field without Uninstalling the Enclosure from the Mount

Atlas Sound AA400PHD 6-Input 400W Mixer Amplifier:

  • 400W into 25V/70.7V and 4Ω Loads
  • Automated Diagnostic System Test (Push Here Diagnostic®)
  • Four Balanced Mic/Line/Tel Inputs w/ Phantom Power
  • Input Assignable Zone 2 Output
  • Remote Level Control
  • Remote Input Select (RIS)
  • Line Output
  • Preamp In for External Processors
  • Variable Mute Sensitivity Control for Input 1
  • Contact Closure Mute Terminals
  • Optional Rack Mount Kit Available - Model AARMK2-0

Pure Resonance UC1S Dynamic Vocal Microphone:

  • Super heavy-duty housing
  • Built-in wind and breath "pop" noise filter
  • Ultra dependable quiet switch
  • Steel mesh grille
  • SwitchCraft connector
  • Frequency response tailored for vocals
  • Uniform cardioid (unidirectional) dynamic pickup pattern isolates the main sound source and minimizes background noise
  • Supplied with break-resistant stand adapter
  • Frequency response: 50 to 16,000 Hz
  • For outdoor and indoor events

Atlas Sound DS7 Adjustable Height Desktop Mic Stand:

  • Quality construction assures extended service and quality appearance
  • Versatile stands fulfill functional and aesthetic miking requirements for microphone placement
  • Weighted bases provide maximum stability
System Includes

System Includes

  • (3) Atlas Sound FS12T-94 12" Multi-Purpose Horn 90° x 40° Loudspeakers
  • (1) Atlas Sound AA400PHD 6-Input 400W Mixer Amplifier
  • (1) Pure Resonance Audio UC1S Ultra-Clear Vocal Microphone with On/Off Switch
  • (1) Atlas Sound DS7E Adjustable Height Desktop Mic Stand
  • (500’) West Penn AQ225 16/2 Aquaseal Fire-Alarm Sepaker Cable

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