Wireless Bluetooth Classroom Sound System with Ceiling Speaker Array and Bluetooth Mixer Amplifier

The SD4 Speaker Array has an outstanding 360 degrees of seamless smooth coverage. Greatly improving speech intelligibility with crystal clear powerful music reproduction and only takes minutes to install. Just remove one ceiling title and lay-in into any standard drop ceiling. The Bluetooth Amplifier supports PCs, iPads, tablets or phones, can be controlled with IR remote or RS232 PC interface and includes Input BT, line level audio, Dual-RCA L/R jacks, 3.5mm or one MIC input. We provide Quantity Pricing and Discounts for Schools, Government and Military buyers click below.



A powerful Classroom Sound System with the freedom of wireless. This Bluetooth enabled audio system makes it easy for teachers to integrate media devices right into their lessons. From presentations to music practice, teachers can fully engage their students with the push of a button. The perfect Bluetooth solution that works with any Bluetooth enabled audio source.

The Pure Resonance SD4 In-Ceiling Speaker employs (4 smaller 6.5”) very fast transient response aluminum-woofer drivers that are very powerful and stable. Working in unison these drivers produce clean powerful dynamic sound. When designing the SD (Super Dispersion) speaker, the goal was to have the single most import feature at the forefront, good transient response ("dynamic contrast"). A transient is a sound of short duration, and good transient response can only be achieved if the speaker can deliver its output quickly and cleanly without smearing the original sound, and be completely soundless immediately after. Transients contain the essentials of sound reproduction they provide the sharp pop from a snare drum, the cutting edge of digital sound, the dynamics of the human voice. Larger 2-way cabinet loudspeaker systems offer relatively slow transient response, and the small high-frequency horn tends to beam a narrow, blaring sound at the listener—end result, muddy sound. By replacing larger speakers with four 6" or 8" drivers we've increased the driver surface area while creating more punch and a tight, more focused low-end.

The Pure Resonance 60DMA-BT is a powerful 60W RMS digital amplifier that supports multiple inputs for microphone and audio line level source, making it ideal for use in classrooms and conference rooms. It can be controlled from an IR remote control, front panel controls or through RS232 PC interface. Connect line level audio devices such as MP3, CD, DVD, or wireless audio source from BT-enabled devices, notebook etc., to the unit via Dual-RCA L/R jacks or stereo 3.5mm jack, or one MIC input. Source selection allows 3 different inputs options and controls the up & down of treble, bass & volume - all can be controlled from front keypads, IR remote or PC RS232 interface software.



Pure Resonance® Audio SD4 SuperDispersion® Ceiling Speaker Array:

  • Omni Directional Speaker Coverage 360 x 180
  • Infinite-baffle in-ceiling speaker’s drops into standard ceiling tile openings
  • Powerful – 160 Watts at 8 Ohms, 64 Watts at 70 Volts
  • 4 - 6.5” High compliance aluminum woofers with ported bass response and high frequency dome tweeters
  • Uniquely designed fire retardant ABS housing may be painted to match any décor
  • Impedance: 8 ohms nominal with built-in 70 Volts (4, 8, 16, 32, 64 watt taps), easily adjustable by rotating switch
  • Metal Backbox that is acoustically engineered and sealed for maximum sonic performance. Safety cable kit included

Pure Resonance Audio PRA-60DMA-BT Bluetooth Mixer Amplifier:

  • About the size of your wallet and fits in the palm of your hand
  • Wireless Bluetooth – Eliminates wires and allows instant connection with your laptop or any other wireless Bluetooth audio devices
  • Economical – The Bluetooth technology significantly reduce wireless connection costs
  • Universally accepted format – Bluetooth technology is accepted worldwide and is gaining more and more popularity with devices using Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Automatic setup – Setting up Bluetooth connectivity is automatic and doesn’t need professional installation, any end user can setup the system in minutes

System Includes

System Includes

  • (1) Pure Resonance SD4 Ceiling Speaker
  • (1) Pure Resonance 60DMA-BT Bluetooth Mixer Amplifier
    • (1) Software Disc
    • (1) IR Sensor
    • (1) IR Remote Control
    • (1) Power Supply
    • (1) Mounting Hardware
  • (100 ft) West Penn Wire 224 Speaker Wire

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