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Our Hotel Sound Systems packages are design for distribution of high quality sound throughout indoor and outdoor areas. Improve guests’ experience with music and paging in the lobby, guest rooms, bars, restaurant, health spa, pool, ballrooms, meeting rooms. Our Hotel and Resort Sound Systems have paging, BGM and sound masking capabilities. All packages are design by professional sound engineers and pre-configured to make it easy to purchase the perfect audio solution for your Hotel and Resort's needs and budget.

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About Our Hotel Sound Systems

Our hotel sound systems are pre-configured to make it easy to specify and purchase the perfect complete BGM (background music) and paging audio systems solution for your hotel. All of our sound systems are designed by Pro Acoustics' engineers and are ready to perform right out of the box or as a starting point for a more customized solution for your specific needs and budget. Our hospitality solutions deliver consistent high-performance background music while adding to your guests stay. Enjoy exceptional audio quality from simple background music systems to more sophisticated multi zone distributed speaker systems and zone control for different music formats tailored for hotel lobbies, guest rooms, meeting rooms, and multi-room music coverage and paging capabilities. If your venue needs outdoor sound, upgrade your system with ease, just add additional zones with themed entertainment and or paging capability. We carry Bose Hospitality Products and many world class Commercial and Pro Audio products such as, in ceiling speakers, on wall, indoor outdoor, paging horns and portable sound systems for every application. Any audio source can be integrated such as, Pandora, Bluetooth, Computer, iPod, iPad, SirusXM Radio, MP3, TV Sound, Multi-Disc CD player can be used.

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  1. Hotel Lobby Sound Masking System with Paging Capabilities

    Hotels are a place for rest and relaxation. Loud lobbies and other noise distractions may disturb guests as they are trying to relax or sleep. You work hard to keep your hotel looking beautiful, improve your hotel’s acoustics with this sound masking system. Increase speech privacy and reduce noise distractions, while maintaining your hotel’s aesthetically-pleasing environment.

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  2. Bose Hotel Sound System with 16 DS FreeSpace Loudspeakers and IZA 2120-HZ Amplifier

    This Bose Hotel Sound System covers approximately 5,000 sqft. Any audio source such as an iPod, iPad, Laptop or CD player can be used. The system easily expands for more coverage and control over separate zones and paging.

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  3. Bose Hotel Sound System with 30 FreeSpace DS 16F In-Ceiling Speakers and FreeSpace IZA 2120-HZ Integrated Zone Amplifier

    This Bose hotel sound system covers approximately 10,000 sqft. Audio sources such as an iPod, iPad, Laptop or CD player can be used. The system easily expands for more coverage and control over separate zones and paging.

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  4. Bose Hotel Room Sound System with 191 In-Wall Loudspeakers and 791 In-Ceiling Loudspeakers
    Your guests will return to your hotel to enjoy the wide, spacious surround sound experience projected by the Virtually Invisible 191 and 791 speaker group. The flush-mount design blends seamlessly into the walls and ceilings of your hotel rooms. Learn More
  5. Bose Hotel Sound System with 4 DS 100SE Wall Mount Loudspeakers and 2 360P-II Weather Resistant Loudspeakers

    This Outdoor Hotel and Resort Sound System includes FreeSpace® 360P-II Loudspeakers for outdoor sound and FreeSpace® DS 100SE Loudspeakers for quality indoor and outdoor sound experience.

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  6. Yamaha Hotel Sound System with 12 VXC4 In-Ceiling Loudspeakers and 4 VXS5 Wall Mount Loudspeakers and XMV4140 Amplifier
    Music in the lobby is important because it sets the mood for guests who are just entering the hotel. The Yamaha hotel lobby sound system is perfect when you need background music that is high quality. Learn More
  7. Audio Video Flex Presentation Sound System with 4 Bose EdgeMax EM90 Premium In-Ceiling Loudspeakers and Shure Combo Wireless Microphone System

    This Bose EdgeMax™ AV flex room sound system features 4 Bose Professional EdgeMax™ EM90 in-ceiling premium loudspeakers with proprietary Bose PhaseGuide® technology to create room-filling coverage patterns that optimize your multimedia productions in large video presentation rooms, hospitality banquet facilities, university lecture halls, executive boardrooms and more.

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  8. Atlas Sound EZSYS-BGM-S Complete Business Music and Paging System for Surface Mount Applications
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    The Atlas Sound EZSYS-BGM-S package is an entire business music and paging system. It is designed for surface-mount installations and includes the proper amplification, system control, and loudspeakers. All you need are audio sources and cables. The box illustrates the proper way to connect the equipment including cable and tool requirements.

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  9. Bose Restaurant Multi-Zone Sound System with 4 RoomMatch Utility Speakers and Subwoofer (Up to 3 Zones)

    This Bose restaurant and hospitality 3-zone sound system delivers high-quality background or foreground music with wide even coverage ideal for restaurants, hospitality venues such as hotel bars and dining areas, sports bars, microbreweries and more. This powerful system is design for high-quality foreground and background music applications with excellent low-end bass response.

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