Pharmacy and Drugstore Patient Privacy and Sound Masking System by Cambridge

Personal and confidential information is constantly being shared within pharmacies concerning patients' medications, insurance, and other private information. With this cost-effective sound masking system, you can help protect their information in areas with open counters, common in pharmacies and drugstores.

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Pharmacy Patient Privacy and Sound Masking System

The pharmacy is a public place where personal and confidential information is constantly being shared and patient privacy is a big concern. Imagine a pharmacist is in the back, on the phone talking to the doctor’s office and a technician is typing information about a new patient who has come in. The patient is waiting at the counter and there's a long line of patients waiting to fill their prescriptions. While this is going on, the technician has a question and directs the question to the pharmacist standing on the other side of the pharmacy regarding the patient’s medication. Without hesitation, the technician yells out to the pharmacist about the patients' medication. The pharmacist, who is on hold with the doctor’s office yells back and answers the question. The patient now feels embarrassed and upset. The pharmacist is required, just like any other health care provider, to keep a patient’s profile managed in order to protect the rights of the patient. With this cost-effective sound masking system, you can help protect their medication information, address, phone number, insurance information, driver’s license numbers, social security numbers, and other private information. With keeping patient information private and confidential, it is indirectly allowing the patient to build trust for the pharmacy and pharmacist.

 An All-in-One Solution for Speech Privacy

This Qt Patient Privacy System provides noise cancellation by making human speech less intelligible and consists of a control module, two lighted privacy signs, and 8 direct-field sound masking emitters. The intuitive control module can be installed behind the counter, in an office, or mounted to a wall. Once turned on, the emitters installed in the ceiling add a low level of background sound into the space that will make human speech less intelligible. Lighted privacy signs turn on to indicate the system is running, and let patients know that their conversations are being protected.

Easy to Retrofit into Existing Spaces

The Qt Patient Privacy System can be installed quickly and inexpensively in any medical office through Cambridge Sound Management's nationwide network of certified sound masking professionals. Privacy signs can be surface mounted, glass mounted, or mounted into a gang box, easily blending in with modern medical office décor.

Mounting Options

The control module can be surface mounted directly to the wall, flush mounted with the supplied box, or flush mounted to a suitable 4-gang electrical box (or 3-gang using EU/UK hardware). The privacy signs can be mounted on glass using the hider plate, surface mounted with self-adhesive tape, or mounted using a 1-gang box (North America NEMA or EU/UK types).

* The entire system is GreenSpec listed, consuming less than 7 watts of power. The system can help enable LEED v4 certification in the categories of acoustics and daylight harvesting.



  • Control module and privacy signs provide clear indication that the system is activated and privacy is being protected
  • Premium, minimalist design style seamlessly fits in with modern healthcare design aesthetics
  • Out-of-the-box support for spaces up to 800 square feet
  • Option to add additional emitters for larger areas
  • Energy efficient and consumes less than 7 watts of power
  • Patented direct-field sound masking provides uniform masking coverage
Control Processor/Privacy Signage
Sound Masking Frequency Response 1200 Hz to 6,300 Hz
Music / Paging Frequency Response 1200 Hz to 10,000 Hz
Masking Min - Max SPL 1, 30 dBA to 60 dBA @ 1 meter distance
Music / Paging Max SPL 1 62 dBA @ 1 meter distance
User Adjustable Equalization None - Internally Fixed Masking Spectrum
Non Correlated Masking Sources 4 Masking Sources
Number of Masking Zones 1 Zone - (2 Cable Runs per Zone)
Number of Audio Inputs 1 Audio Input - (Stereo or Mono)
Audio Input Level +4 dBu (2 Volts RMS Max)
Audio Input Impedance 5000 Ω
Audio Input Connector Captive Screw Terminal (Balanced / Unbalanced)
Remote Control Function Quantity 1 - Contact Closure Input (Normally Open) / Qty 1 - 5Vdc Logic Status Output
Remote Control Connector Captive Screw Terminals
Minimum Output Impedance 2 Ω per channel
Power Input Captive Screw Terminal & Coax Power Plug (center pin positive)
Privacy Sign Connections Controller Qty 2 - Captive Screw Terminals - 5Vdc output @ 75ma
Privacy Sign Connections Sign Qty 1 - Spring Loaded Push Terminals - 5 Vdc input @ 75ma
Output Connections RJ45 x Quantity 2 (8 Conductor)
Masking Level Adjustment Four Front Panel Buttons w/ LCD Display - 0.5 dB steps
Masking Ramp Times 0 to 120 Seconds - up and down ramp times are independent (Front Panel / Remote Control)
Audio Input Level Adjustment Four Front Panel Buttons w/ LCD Display - 1 dB steps
Setup Menu Access Four Front Panel Buttons w/ LCD Display
Emitter / Device Capacity 60 Qt Emitters per Run - 120 Qt Emitters Total
Maximum Emitter Cabling Distance 1000ft (300 meters) per cable run
Maximum Power Consumption 7 Watts @ 24 VDC
Power Supply Operating Voltage Input: 100 - 240 VAC @ .6 Amp
Output: 24 VDC @ 1.0 Amp
Included Control Processor Accessories Power Supply / ACT Hole Saw / Box Adapter Plate (4-Gang US - 3- Gang UK/EU) / ST-1000 Back Box
Included Privacy Sign Accessories Qty 2 - Single Gang Electrical Enclosure Backing Plate / Qty 2 - Glass Finishing Plate with Adhesive Strips
Firmware Update Yes - Integrated USB Connector
Controller Mounting Wall Mount - (Back plate included) / Electrical Box (US/UK/EU Adapter Included) / Supplied Backbox
Privacy Sign Mounting Single Gang Electrical Enclosure (North American Nema or EU/UK types) / Self Adhesive Strips
Control Processor Color White
Privacy Sign Color White w/ Blue LED
Certifications FCC Part 15 RoHS Compliant CE US STD 60065 CAN/CSA STC C22 2 60065 ETL Listed Green Spec Listed
Operating Temperature Range 40°F to 90°F (4°C to 32°C)
Privacy Sign Dimensions (H x W x D) 0.19" (4.8 mm) x 3.5" (90 mm) x 4.5" (113 mm)
Controller Dimensions (H x W x D) 0.875" (23 mm) 7.0" (179 mm) x 3.5" (89 mm)
Controller & Privacy Sign Weight 0.8 lbs (0.35 kg)
Sound Masking Frequency Response 200 Hz - 10,000 Hz
Music / Paging Frequency Response 200 Hz - 10,000 Hz (-10 dB)
Masking Min - Max SPL 30 dBA - 60 dBA @ 1 meter distance
Music / Paging Max SPL 62 dBA @ 1 meter distance
Nominal Impedance 3600 Ω
Nominal Dispersion 170 degrees conical / half space
Connections Input / Output - RJ45 Modular Jack
Channel Selection Four Channel Auto Sequencing and Repeating
Selectable Attenuation 0 dB, -3 dB, -6 dB, -9 dB
Cabling Category UTP Cabling (8 conductor)
Included Accessories Acoustic Ceiling Tile Mounting Ring - UTP Cable (16ft/30ft)
Loudspeaker Type Passive w/ Transformer
Maximum Power Consumption .02 Watts
Enclosure Sealed
Color White (Optional Black Caps and Accessories)
Certifications UL 2043
Cabling Qty 1 - 50ft Emitter Cable / Qty 7 -16ft Emitter Cables / Qty 2 - 50ft Privacy Sign Cables - Included in Kit
Emitter Cabling Type CMP (Plenum) UTP Twisted Category 3 Cable
Privacy Sign Cabling Type CMP (Plenum) 20AWG 2 Conductor Cable
Driver Dimensions (Dia) 1.25" (32 mm)
Emitter Dimensions (H x W x D) 2.5" (64 mm) x 3.25" (83 mm)
Emitter Weight 0.72 lbs (0.329 kg)


System Includes

System Includes

  • (1) QT-HCE Patient Privacy System:
    • (8) Qt Emitters
    • (1) Wall-Mounted ST 1000 Control Module
    • (1) 4-Gang Adaptor Plate for Control Module
    • (2) Automatically Lighted Privacy Signs
    • (2) 1-Gang Adaptor Plates for Privacy Signs
    • (2) 50 ft (15.2 m) Plenum-Rated Cables for Privacy Signs
    • (1) Power Supply
    • (1) 50 ft (15.2 m) Homerun Audio Cable
    • (7) 16 ft (4.8 m) Audio Cables
    • (1) Hole Saw

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