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About Our Public Address Systems

Systems Range from $489 to $4999+

Our public address systems (PA systems) are packages designed with robust all-weather products made to run 24/7 and last in any challenging environment. They can easily be customized to meet the demanding needs of your design and budget. Microphones, amplifiers, digital mixers, loudspeakers and PA horns that can handle small to large public areas such as athletic fields, theme parks, arenas, indoor outdoor public areas, parking lots, public venues, rail terminal stations, public buildings, parks, recreational areas and more. Indoor outdoor all-weather loudspeakers and horns suitable for music and speech can be used to reinforce a sound source such as paging, recorded music, digital message, emergency communications or a person giving a speech and distributed throughout many zones. These PA systems can use many speakers widely dispersed by low voltage 70 volt distribution system, CAT5 and network controlled IP speakers to make announcements in public, institutional and commercial buildings. Optional capabilities such as intercom interface, IT speakers can be added with the capability of zone microphones in many rooms allowing controlled response to announcements and emergencies communications.

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  • Califone PA283 Bluetooth VoiceSaver PA System

    Califone PA283 Bluetooth VoiceSaver PA System

    The Califone PA283 Bluetooth VoiceSaver PA System is perfect for leading groups of up to 20 people and is great for tour groups, presentations, athletic and dance classes. It’s ideal support for those needing either a vocal assist or increased projection.

    List $149.70
    Price $113.99
    Savings $35.71 (24%)

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