The speakers you chose and how you position them in your space can make all the difference in the quality of your sound. Your options will depend on a number of factors to find just the right solution for your application. To get a good idea of what type of speakers to look for take a look at the list of factors below.

1. Let's start by looking at program material. This can range from voice only, pre-recorded music for background, to foreground listening and live performance with voice and instruments. What will your speakers be primarily used for?

2. What is the environment and size of your space? Is it an enclosed room or outdoors? What is the ceiling type and height? A room without a ceiling, such as in a two-story open floor plan, will not be able to produce the same quality sound as a room with 4 walls and a traditional 8 ft. ceiling, unless you make adjustments in speaker choice and placement.

3. What are the available speaker locations? Is there a preferred speaker installation type such as, in the wall, on the wall, in the ceiling, hanging from the ceiling or on stands?

4. The average anticipated volume level is another thing to take into account. Is it for background in a work place, dining area, conference room, a church, or live music venue?

5. Another consideration is the aspect. For most commercial applications mono is the rule of thumb but in other instances we may want stereo or more detailed experience, like surround sound for cinema.

6. Last but not least, where will the listener(s) be? Positioning of the listener(s) will make an impact on where and how we want the sound to be directed.

Once you've gone through this list and considered each factor, you should have a pretty good idea of what you need. However, going through the process of choosing speakers can be daunting, so, remember that we are always here to help – our experienced sales team guides our customers through these questions on a daily bases. They can clear up any product confusion, answer any technical questions, and help you build the ideal system to fit your space, sound requirements and budget.