Installation Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Pro Acoustics audio experts provide answers, technical papers and manuals to some of the most (FAQs) frequently asked questions about buying and installing Pro Audio, Commercial Audio, Home Surround Sound, Whole House Audio and Stereo equipment. With decades of experience designing and installing sound systems and audio equipment, we see the most common challenges customers face with the most often used products such as; microphones, wireless, mixers, digital consoles, signal-processing, power amplifiers, speakers, stage snakes, 70 volt distribution, volume controls, wiring, surround sound AVR’s, audio playback and recording equipment, all types of audio connectors and more.

Top Installation FAQ's

       1. How do I hook up 70 volt speakers in parallel?
           Answer: Guide to 70 Volt Sound Systems by Harman

       2. What is the difference in Series Parallel Speaker Wiring?
           Answer: Series Parallel Speaker Wiring

       3. How do I tap my 70 Volt Speakers?
           Answer: Refer to this System Design Guide by Bogen

       4. What is a 70 Volt Transformer
           Answer: Autoformer Tech Notes

       5. What setting should I turn the dial on the speaker to?
           Answer: Setting The Dial on My Speaker

       6. What is a 1/4” TRS/XLR Combo Jack?
           Answer: Many devices have two input connectors
           (balanced XLR and unbalanced jack).

       7. How do I wire my Speakon connector?
           Answer: Neutrik Loudspeaker Connectors

       8. How do I program this amplifier (CDi series amp)?
           Answer: Refer to the Operation Manual

       9. How do I hook up a 70 volt system?
           Answer: Guide to 70 Volt Sound Systems by Harman

       10. How many speakers do I need for my space?
           Answer: Seperate them by the average height of the ceiling
                          center to center to each speaker. Example:
                          A 10ft ceiling would = 10ft between each speaker
                          System Design Guide by Bogen

       11. What gauge of speaker wire do I need to use?
             Answer: Speaker Wire and Transmission Distance

       12. Why can’t I use wireless speakers?
             Answer: Wireless speakers must be powered by a battery
                            or AC outlet. Range limitations and radio/cell phone
                            RF interference and power output limitations can be
                            concerns and the speaker will never sound as good
                            as a directly wired speaker. Hard wiring is highly
                            recommended for most professional and
                            commercial applications.

       13. How do I select speakers for my Commercial Sound System?
             Answer: TOA Guide to Loudspeakers

      14. How do I connect my sound system?
             Answer: Sound System Interconnection by Rane



Helpful Documents

       1. Microphone Connections by Shure

       2. Microphones for House of Worship

       3. Guide to 70 Volt Sound Systems by Harman

       4. Complete Guide to Power Amplifiers by Crown Audio

       5. Intro to Wireless Microphone Systems by Shure

       12. Testing the Installed Sound System

       13. Church Sound Systems Helpful Outline for Designing Your System

       14. Measuring Speaker and Sound System Impedance

       15. Commercial Sound System Performance, Value and Reliability



Install Instructions for Our Most Popular Audio Products and Sound Systems

       1. Atlast Sound ATS004344 AT Volume Control

       2. Neutrik NL4FC SpeakON Lockable Loudspeaker Connector

       3. JBL Control 60 Series Pendant Speakers

       4. Atlas Sound 70 Volt Volume Controls

       5. Audio Technica 2000 Series WIreless Systems

       6. Atlas Sound 81 Series Tile Bridges

       7. Atlas Sound AA35 Mixer Amplifier

       8. Atlas Sound AD-11BE Surface Mount Female Mic Flange

       9. Atlas Sound AP-30T Horn Loudspeaker

       10. Atlas Sound AS100N Compression Driver (Siren Loudspeakers)

       11. Atlas Sound AT Series Volume Controls

       12. Atlas Sound CS95-8 Recessed Round Stacking Enclosure

       13. Atlas Sound FAP40T In-Ceiling Speaker System

       14. Atlas Sound FAP42T Coaxial In-Ceiling Speaker System

       15. Atlas Sound FAP42TC Coaxial In-Ceiling Speaker System

       16. Atlas Sound FAP62T Coaxial In-Ceiling Speaker System

       17. Atlas Sound GA-15T Re-Entrant Horn Loudspeaker

       18. Atlas Sound M1000 Dual Cone Sound Masking Speaker

       19. Atlas Sound MO-2 Compact Mobile Communication Speaker

       20. Atlas Sound SD722W 8 inch Speaker System

       21. Atlas Sound SD72(W)(WV) Dual Cone Loudspeaker

       22. Atlas Sound SM Series Surface Mount Loudspeakers

       23. Bosch Electro-Voice R300 UHF Wireless Microphone Systems

       24. Bose Tile Bridge for FreeSpace DS F Loudspeakers

       25. Bose FreeSpace DS 40F Loudspeaker

       26. Bose FreeSpace DS 40SE Loudspeaker

       27. Bose FreeSpace IZA 250-LZ /190-HZ Zone Amplifiers

       28. Bose FreeSpace DS 16S / 16SE Loudspeakers

       29. Bose FreeSpace DS 100F Loudspeaker

       30. Bose FreeSpace DS 16F Loudspeaker

       31. Community Pro R.5 & R.25 Installation/Operation Manual

       32. JBL 8124 & 8128 In-Ceiling Loudspeakers

       33. JBL C 24C/CT Micro & MicroPlus In-Ceiling Speakers

       34. JBL Control 60 Pendant Speakers

       35. JBL Control 26C & 26CT In-Ceiling Loudspeakers

       36. JBL Control 28T-60 Indoor / Outdoor Loudspeaker

       37. JBL Control 40 Series Loudpseakers

       38. Lowell 25 W Volume Controls

       39. Lowell WB-8 Steel Grille

       40. Listen Technologies LA-164 Ear Speaker

       41. Listen Technologies LPT-S1-01 Soundfield System

       42. Rolls MA1705 70 V Mixer Amplifier

       43. Soundtube Entertainment RSi Series Hanging Speakers

       44. TOA BG-235 Mixer Amplifer

       45. TOA PE-304 Pendant Speaker

       46. TOA PM-660U Desktop Paging Microphone

       47. TOA TS-770 Series Conference System

       48. Williams Sound Digi-Wave DLR 60 2.0 Digital Receiver

       49. Williams Sound EAR 022 Around-Ear Speaker Earphone

       50. Williams Sound PPA R37 PPA Select Receiver

       51. Yorkville Coliseum Mini Series C165W Loudspeakers 

       52. Pure Resonance SD4 Ceiling Speakers

       53. Pure Resonance Vector Ceiling Array Speakers