Coltin is a sales engineer in our sales department and has been surrounded by music practically his entire life. Not only has he played in successful bands, he has learned and crafted the art of producing, mixing and mastering music. He loves to keep learning and growing as a professional in the audio industry and takes pride in the work that he does. He loves providing his customers with the best service and quality systems he can serve up.


Q: In 5 songs, what is the soundtrack of your life?

A: This is tough because I’ve been a Musician practically my entire life while growing up watching my Dad tour all over the US. So, a lot of the music that has really defined the “Soundtrack” of my life has been surrounded by my own and my parents on this roller coaster we call life. But here is my list in order from when I was young, until now:

Kiss- Rock N Rock All Night

Wild Horses- I Will Survive

One Vs All- Welcome to Your Life

Ever Since The Fire- Phoenix

KOTA- Gravity


Q: What is your audio background?

A: I’ve been surrounded by Music and the Audio Industry almost my entire life. Playing in successful bands, to eventually branching out and going “Behind the Scenes” of how music is made when I was just 15 years old. I started Producing, Mixing, and Mastering Local Rock bands in the circle of musician friends I had and it became a huge passion of mine. Eventually investing in myself by working day in and day out until I could record a full band and label myself as a professional in that field as well. Since then it’s been history. My knowledge of this Audio industry is forever expanding. I love every ounce of it no matter how much of a headache it can be sometimes! You give and you take and I’m taking every bit of it however it is thrown at me!


Q: How long have you been involved in the audio industry?

A: I jumped into the marketplace of Audio when I was 15 years old. At that time, I was wanting to record my own music and couldn’t afford to go to the Studio my band at the time was using. I had to do something so I bought a little 10 Channel Mixer, the worst Recording Software you could get, and a pair of cheap Sony headphones. I thought I was a Grammy award winning producer then to! Come to find out I had so much left to learn so I spent many sleepless nights mastering the craft. Eventually I fell in love with other aspects of the Industry and learning the ropes in Professional and Commercial Applications. Music is what makes the world go around and I want to provide you with my passion for making you hear Music in the best way possible and communicate your message to as many people as you desire. We all deserve at least that much, and I will go the extra Mile to make sure that happens.


Q: What is your favorite audio gear?

A: My favorite piece of Audio Gear would have to be a set of Yamaha NS10’s.


Q: What is your favorite type of system to build?

A: I have a huge passion for Sports. So, whenever I can combine my love for Audio and Sports, it’s a great day at the office. My favorite designs so far have been for amazing Coaches and Programs all around the US.


Q: Do you have any hobbies? What are they?

A: One of the hobbies I enjoy most is following some of my favorite influencers and hustlers in business through Social Media and Books. Then taking what I’ve learned from them and turn it into action.


Q: If you could have a super power what would it be?

A: I would have the Super Power of being able to move as fast as flash through space but be able to breathe without any sort of protection. That way I can travel and unlock all the mysteries that our universe holds!