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5 Myths About Wireless Microphones

By Jennifer Slattery in Audio & Technical 101
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Wireless microphones can be a great option for many applications including live stage performances, public speaking events, lectures and other situations where freedom to move around is needed. But wireless isn't always better and does require specific equipment to ensure it functions properly and is taken care of for long-term use. Check out these common 5 myths about wireless microphones to learn what's fact and fiction, and decide if wireless is right for your application.

How to Choose the Right Mixer/Amplifier

By Jennifer Slattery in Audio & Technical 101, Commonly Asked Questions
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When choosing a mixer, amplifier, or mixer amp, there are several questions to consider before making a decision. it's important to explore these questions, so you can ensure the equipment you invest in will suit your application and function properly long-term.

What Is the Difference Between Commercial and Home Amplifiers?

By Jennifer Slattery in Ask An Engineer, Audio & Technical 101, Commonly Asked Questions
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What are the differences between a commercial amplifier vs. a home amplifier? Can I use a home amp for my business or warehouse? What complications could result in doing this? We explore and answer these common questions.

4 Things You Might Not Know About Pro Acoustics

By Jennifer Slattery in Commonly Asked Questions
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"Whether I’m just buying a few items or doing regular business, I like to know about the company that I am supporting." Here at Pro Acoustics, we also want you to know us. So, here are a few quick things that you may not know about our company.

Yamaha Hits All-in-One with CS-700 Video Sound Collaboration System

By Jennifer Slattery in New Product Releases
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Yamaha just released the CS-700 video sound collaboration system, an all-in-one unit that is specifically designed to equip huddle rooms with video, audio and screen sharing. This simple wall-mount system with a pivoting design is an ideal solution for small-sized rooms with limited table top space, addressing communication and collaboration requirements.

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