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Our Commitment

We are totally committed to providing great products, excellent customer support and very competitive prices. Our customers’ expectations of high quality products and service at a fair price will be met.

Our staff’s skill ranges from top quality studio recording to electrical engineering. We pride ourselves in the training and practicality of our company’s staff and always do our best to make sure that if we can expand our skill set to make us better serve you we will. Each member of our sales tech team has not only a few years experience in the industry but a lifetime. From musicians to sound engineers and system designers our staff lives audio and we do our best to keep up with the constantly expanding library of knowledge in sound & sound equipment so that we can always be here to use that knowledge for your benefit.

As audio engineers and professionals, our ears are our most important tools. Our sales staff is trained to listen first to the needs and requirements of our customers, and then use our expertise to design sound systems (and make audio equipment recommendations) that best suit our customer’s application criteria and budget. We are authorized resellers for some of the finest, most respected manufacturers in the audio industry. By providing solutions that incorporate these industry standard products, we strive to provide our customers with practical, long lasting, cost-effective audio solutions. Our sales staff of trained audio professionals is always available for consultation and to answer any questions that our customers may have about their equipment. We take pride in making sure that our customers are provided with the information that they need to help them make the right decision about which equipment will best fit their needs.

Our aspiration is to make you, our customer, very happy while establishing long-term relationships and loyalty. Today, most companies respond to customers without human interaction, voice mail and complicated corporate policies. We will answer the telephone and you will get to speak with a friendly sales person.


Our Goals

  • Inquiries will be responded to quickly.
  • Orders will be filled quickly and accurately.
  • Our policies will be simple and clear.
  • Friendly customer service and warranty support.
  • Our return policy is 15 day money back guarantee if, for any reason, you are not satisfied. (click here for return policy)

We hope that these human-elements will provide excellence in customer support that is second to none. Our team of caring professionals will help you select the right product for your application and deliver it to you promptly at an outstanding value. We are driven to help you make “sound” purchasing decisions for your needs and application.

We are driven to help you make “sound” purchasing decisions for all applications, from stadiums, auditoriums and department stores to houses of worship, retail, office, restaurants and residential.



Since the 1970's, the founder of Pro Acoustics has been performing and engineering live-sound. Since 1988 he has been innovating and manufacturing innovative high-quality audiovisual products and systems. He was awarded a patent in 1992 for the Super Dispersion (SD) ceiling speaker line.

This unique design solved uniform coverage problems that have existed in distributed sound systems for years. The SD speaker has been a resounding success for more than a decade, with many thousands sold worldwide. Many successful AV Companies are installing the Super Dispersion Ceiling Speaker™ for solving problems in special coverage applications with the Omni, Hallway and Corner Models. Since 1988, the well known Super Dispersion Ceiling Speaker TM - a 2x2 Omni Directional ceiling speaker that drops into 2x2 ceiling tile grids - has been used in thousands of locations. It has been especially successful in the education, hearing impaired and church marketplace, creating a unique opportunity for our dealers.

In 1994 the Super Dispersion EA (enclosed array) speaker was added to the line-up of products. Over the past 10 years an expanded line-up of in-wall, ceiling and cabinets speakers has been added to our offering.

In 2004 Pro Acoustics debut SoundPlane™ Ceiling Speakers that integrate the latest loudspeaker technology into panels that are easily installed into standard drop-ceilings in commercial and residential buildings. The SoundPlane™ Speaker blends into the ceiling plane for more attractive interiors. The 8" Poly/Carbon woofer is mounted to a massive magnet structure that produces very deep and rich bass response.

In 2005 the new Pure Resonance Series loudspeakers were a break through for Pro Acoustics. This full line-up of high performance residential home theater speakers have been extremely successful. The PRS-CR-8300 is an 8” three-way speaker designed for the true audio enthusiast. The 8300 reproduces music flawlessly, and also has the capability to handle all of today's digital music and movies. This system produces strong, sophisticated sound - perfect for most rooms. This speaker has the ability to produce a large soundstage that is full and clean. All speakers are designed for excellent performance in any environment, with durable construction and aluminum grilles.

2006 brought us more new speaker technology. The PRS series speakers are built to minimize exposure of acoustic parts to weather and with materials proven to resist the elements: polypropylene cabinets with UV light and impact resistance, all-aluminum grilles and brackets, gold-plated speaker connectors. All drivers are manufactured from high tech plastics, rubbers, and other materials. Versatile brackets simplify installation in many situations (and the speakers’ shape makes corner placement easy). The large bracket knobs make adjustment to speaker angle easy.

After 15 years of unparalleled success in the Omni Directional Ceiling Speaker marketplace (with over 50,000 sold) we took that experience and designed the ultimate commercial in-ceiling speaker technology. The New SD4 took ceiling speaker performance to a new level. For 15 years audio professionals worldwide have chosen the SuperDispersion™ (SD) Ceiling Tile Speakers for their powerful sound, high performance, and distinctive styling. The SD4 is an innovative speaker concept that meets the demanding needs of audio and systems contractors worldwide.

In 2007 The New Vector Ceiling Array took ceiling speaker performance to the next level. The Vector is an innovative speaker concept that meets the demanding needs of audio sound systems. Vector Speakers' pyramid design fits into standard 2'x2' or 2'x4' ceiling tile grids, providing an amazing 360 degrees of hemispheric sound. Vector ceiling speakers are quick and economical to install and are competitively priced, making them an excellent value to contractors! The Vector 2 x 2 Lay-In Ceiling Speaker employs (3 smaller 6.5”) aluminum-woofer drivers with a very fast transient response that are very powerful and stable. Working in unison these drivers produce clean powerful dynamic sound. When designing the Vector the goal was to have the single most import feature at the forefront, good transient response ("dynamic contrast").
A transient is a sound of short duration, and good transient response can only be achieved if the speaker can deliver its output quickly and cleanly without smearing the original sound, and be completely soundless immediately after. Transients contain the essentials of sound reproduction. They provide: sharp pop from a snare drum, the cutting edge of digital sound, the dynamics of the human voice and much more. Larger 2-way cabinet loudspeaker systems offer relatively slow transient response, and the small high-frequency horn tends to beam a narrow, blaring sound at the listener—end result: muddy sound. By replacing larger speakers with four 6 or 8" drivers we increased the driver surface area while creating more punch and a tight, more focused low-end.

For over 25 years we have supplied product innovations and system's design for customers such as; The US Department of Transportation, United States – Navy, Air Force. Army, Marines and Coast Guard, War Department. We have also catered to numerous hotels, retail stores, commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, houses of worship and educational institutions. Our founder has worked as a consulting engineer or manufacturing partner with companies designing audio/visual products. He also has done many studio projects, audio and video productions, TV set work and many live-sound engineering concerts and events.

Our goal is to bring customers excellent products, performance and value!

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