Are you having trouble with feedback during your church services or productions? Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone. Feedback has been an age old problem in the world of audio. So much so that products have been developed specifically for Feedback Reduction. However, sometimes the issue can be solved without additional equipment. Here is a quick checklist of tips that have been found to help reduce feedback.

1. Are your microphones being used in front of the main speakers?
If so, try re-positioning your main speakers in front of the pulpit, lectern or performance area.

2. Are the speakers feeding back at a particular tone or frequency?
Use an internal or external Graphic EQ to tweak the tone of the system to remove problem frequency areas.

3. How many microphones are you currently using?
Excessive open microphones can contribute to feedback. Try reducing the number of microphones used at one time. For example, if there is feedback during sermon, you may be able to turn down the choir mics, etc.

4. Are you using floor monitors?
It is possible that they may be a bit louder than needed. Try turning them down.

5. How close is your speaker to the microphone he/she is using?
Head-worn microphones offer better gain before feedback than pulpit mics or lapel-worn mics. If you have one, try switching out your current microphone for a head-worn.

I really hope these tips help but if not, feel free to give me a call at (214) 960-1589 for further assistance.

– Nathan Turner
Senior Sales Engineer