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  • Bose Authorized Dealers

    Bose Products & Sound Systems

    Find Bose Pro Audio, Commercial Business Sound Systems, L1 and F1 Portable, Home Theater Electronics and more. Also, shop our custom designed sound systems tailored to meet your audio needs.

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  • Retail and Hospitality Systems

    Business Sound & Paging Systems

    Find sound system designs that are ideal for offices, retail stores, restaurants, fitness centers and other locations where quality background music and paging can be used to enhance customers' experience.

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  • Church Sound Systems

    Church Sound Systems & Audio Equipment

    Find Church Sound System designs and packages ideal for the spoken word and music reproduction. Small to large, portable church audio PA systems and accessories designed for churches.

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  • School Sound Systems

    School Sound Systems & Audio Equipment

    Shop School Sound Systems and audio equipment for gyms, stadiums, classrooms, bands, cheerleaders, auditoriums, athletics, outdoor PA and ADA student hearing assistance and headphone listening centers.

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  • Communications and Wireless Systems

    Communications & Wireless Systems

    We offer a variety of wired and wireless intercom systems including phones, two-way radios and talkback systems for applications such as coaching, tour guide, churches, language interpretation, theaters and more.

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  • Public Address Sound Systems

    Public Address Sound Systems

    Public address systems for small to large indoor outdoor public areas such as parking lots, public venues, rail terminals, buildings, parks, recreational areas and more. Designed with robust long-lasting speakers and horns.

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