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  • Auditorium Sound Systems

    Bring On The Theatrics

    SHOP Auditorium Sound Systems

    Our auditorium & theater solutions are designed for school & university auditoriums & deliver consistent high-performance sound, tailored for programs, plays, presentations, theatre productions and more.

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  • Sound Masking Systems

    Reduce Distractions

    Shop Sound Masking Systems

    Increase speech privacy and productivity with our sound masking systems for offices. These audio systems include speakers, generators, and amplifiers from brands like Atlas Sound, Cambridge Sound and more.

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  • Bose S1 Sound Systems

    Learn Your Sound

    SHOP Bose S1 Sound Systems

    All-in-one Bose S1 portable Bluetooth sound systems are designed to sound great while providing the flexibility you need. These systems are great for classrooms, live performance, fitness, and even outdoor sporting events.

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  • Reach Your Audience

    Reach Your Audience

    SHOP Live Sound Systems

    Simple & portable audio systems that project wide & even coverage through the audience. Perfect for bands, DJs, concerts, presentations, speeches, Houses of Worship, street performing & even weddings.

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