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  • Auditorium Sound Systems

    Bring On The Theatrics

    SHOP Auditorium Sound Systems

    Our auditorium & theater solutions are designed for school & university auditoriums & deliver consistent high-performance sound, tailored for programs, plays, presentations, theatre productions and more.

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  • Outdoor Sound Systems

    Enjoy The Outdoors

    SHOP Outdoor Sound Systems

    Designed for outdoor applications, systems incorporate weather-resistant landscape & garden speakers, with excellent sound quality & coverage. These speakers are unobtrusive & easily blend in with surroundings.

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  • Fitness Sound Systems

    Jog To The Rhythm

    SHOP Fitness Sound Systems

    High-performance music to motivate your workout. We’ll include sweat-proof wireless mics & WiFi transmission tailored to family fitness centers, workout facilities, weight rooms, crossfit gyms & aerobics instructors.

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  • Reach Your Audience

    Reach Your Audience

    SHOP Live Sound Systems

    Simple & portable audio systems that project wide & even coverage through the audience. Perfect for bands, DJs, concerts, presentations, speeches, Houses of Worship, street performing & even weddings.

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