Multi-Zone Large Office Sound Masking and Speech Privacy System with Cambridge QT 600 (6 Zones up to 72,000sf 720 Emitters)
Part # SMSS-QT600OS
Model # SMSS-QT600OS

The Cambridge Qt 600 Large Office Sound Masking System is a highly cost effective, fully integrated sound masking solution that protects speech privacy and reduces distractions. This system is capable of covering up to 6 diverse zones in buildings needing improved speech privacy.

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Low voltage distributed audio Sound Masking System with paging and voice distribution technology that overcomes significant design and installation issues associated with previous generations of sound masking systems. Users are not subjected to the harsh sound quality due to acoustical interference effects caused by adjacent coherent radiators so common with plenum based masking systems. In addition, this system features a flexible, uncomplicated, unobtrusive design and can be installed at one of the most affordable prices in the industry. This makes it a great sound reduction solution for any large office spaces or commercial environments.

The Cambridge Qt 600 Office Sound Masking System provides precise control over where the masking sound is emitted. This means that sound masking is dispersed only in the spaces in which it is needed, eliminating unwanted spill over into adjacent spaces. The system provides a uniform blanket of sound coverage throughout the work space and is unaffected by ceiling design and the many obstructions that often litter the plenum. The sound is transmitted as four uncorrelated channels, creating a more pleasant and comfortable masking sound.

The Qt® 600 is ideal for medium to large multi-zone spaces of up to 72,000 square feet (6,689 m2). This system is capable of covering up to 6 diverse areas in buildings needing improved speech privacy.

This robust and feature-rich system is easy to control and maintain. Users can adjust system settings via the easy-interface front panel, and can also set up error reporting and establish time dependent masking levels via their PC, Mac or tablet device using the intuitive Qt® Monitoring and Control Software. Additionally, the Qt 600 is an integrated solution offering sound masking along with paging and music via the two auxiliary audio inputs.

Qt emitters™ can be installed into any office space, no matter what type of ceiling is present. The system is designed to grow and change with your business. Qt emitters can be moved and reconfigured with minimal effort and impact when your work space changes. In new construction or in existing space, emitters can be installed rapidly and with low impact to the surroundings and little to no down-time for the business.

Each Qt system comes pre-tuned, specifically calibrated to efficiently mask the frequencies most commonly associated with the human voice.

Qt Quiet Technology meets:

  • The ASTM E1130-08 standard for “Normal Acoustic Privacy” by providing an Articulation Index below 0.2 or Privacy Index above 80%. The system meets this privacy standard at up to a 3 dBA lower noise level than competing sound masking systems.
  • The DCID 6/9 Requirements for helping organizations reach a Speech Transmission Coefficient (STC) of 45 or better (sound groups 3 & 4) to secure verbal communications in Government and Military installations.


  • 2 Audio Inputs for Music/Paging
  • 6 Zones
  • Maximum Number of Emitters: 720
  • LCD Control Panel with network connection
  • Trusted by over 15,000 companies
  • GreenSpec listed and enables LEED certification
  • Powered by direct-field Quiet Technology, developed by acousticians to reduce acoustic interference
  • Delivers uniform sound masking by projecting from not through the ceiling
  • Reduces the need for expensive construction or sound blocking material
  • Emitters can be installed in minutes and in any ceiling type
  • The only sound masking system than can be easily installed in existing space (retrofit)
  • GreenSpec listed and the most energy efficient sound masking system available
  • Reduces distractions and improves productivity in open office spaces
  • Improves confidential speech privacy in private offices
  • Achieves spatial uniformity in open offices using four channels of uncorrelated sound
  • Requires no post-installation tuning
  • Integrated aux audio input supports paging or music distribution
  • Input may be from PBX, paging microphone or any standard audio source
  • Input connection via 3-pin terminal connector; balanced or unbalanced input with 40K Ohm input impedance line level input (6V max)

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