Small Office Sound Masking System with Cambridge Sound Management In-Ceiling Qt Emitters and White Noise Generator for up to 1000SF
Part # SMSS-QT100OS
Model # SMSS-QT100OS

This easy-to-operate office speech privacy package with 8 sound masking speakers is a cost-effective solution to protect confidential conversations and reduce distractions. Both flexible and uncomplicated in its design, this low-cost speaker system is an ideal white noise solution for small office spaces, conference rooms, and other commercial applications.

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Inside the Design

Employees and customers can be easily distracted by conversations taking place throughout the office. Sound masking is a specifically tuned ambient background noise that targets the same frequency as human speech, reducing its intelligibility. By adding sound masking to a workplace, private conversations become drastically less intelligible and noticeable, and are therefore less distracting. This sound masking system is a cost-effective solution to protect speech privacy and reduce noise distractions in small office spaces, insurance offices, military and government offices, conference rooms, and more.

Sound System Features:

  • 1 zone sound masking up to 1000 sq ft of coverage
  • 180 degree dispersion of direct field sound masking
  • Paging and background music capabilities
  • Small, powerful speakers are virtually invisible in open ceilings
  • Plug and play installation and easy configuration

Office Sound Masking System with Background Music and Paging Capabilities for up to 800 SF

This Pro Acoustics designed commercial office sound masking system comes complete with eight Cambridge Sound Management Qt Emitter direct field sound masking speakers, but can be easily customized to meet the exact needs of your office space. This system also includes a Qt 100 white noise sound masking generator and the cables necessary for installation. Together, this system delivers superior uniformity which leads to a more comfortable sound masking experience and clear, quality office paging and background music.



Cambridge Qt Emitters Sound Masking Speakers:

  • Come in the adjustable format
  • Comes standard with slip ring for acoustical tile mounting
  • Deliver four uncorrelated audio channels, which provide uniform, unobtrusive sound masking
  • Easy configuration capability
  • For black color emitters, CSM ships white emitters with the appropriate color cap
  • Emitter caps easily attach to the emitter grill for a flawless painted look

Cambridge Qt 100 Sound Masking Generator:

  • Powered by direct-field Quiet Technology developed to reduce acoustic interference
  • Delivers uniform sound masking by projecting from not through the ceiling
  • Reduces the need for expensive construction or sound blocking materials
  • Each emitter can be installed in less than 15 minutes and in any ceiling type
  • The only sound masking system that can be easily installed in existing space
  • GreenSpec listed and the most energy efficient sound masking system available
System Includes

System Includes

  • (8) Cambridge Qt Emitters Sound Masking Speakers
    • (8) 16ft UTP Cables
  • (1) Cambridge Qt 100 Sound Masking Generator

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